Cassadee Pope Take You Home

Cassadee Pope Talks New Single “Take You Home”


Those that are long-time readers, know that Cassadee Pope is a regular on Listen! It’s Vetrano. The singer, who started her rise to the top in the pop-punk band Hey Monday and later won the third season of NBC’s The Voice as a solo vocalist, also happens to be my best friend and the maid-of-honor in my upcoming wedding.  Cassadee Pope Take You Home 

So when she dropped her new [sexy] single “Take You Home,” last Friday, I knew her loyal fans would want to know the deets. In the interview below, Cassadee Pope talks about the new single, her inspiration for her latest project and how she got through one of her hardest years.

Read the entire interview below and check out the Highlights section on my Instagram homepage for a fun, quick-fire Q&A with the “Take You Home” songstress. Cassadee Pope Take You Home

Interview with Cassadee Pope

Chris: You just released your new single “Take You Home.” Tell us why you chose that song to kick off this new era? 

Cassadee: I wanted my first song to be bold. I feel like “Take You Home” is exactly that. We’ve all had those moments of wanting someone to understand us better, and what better way to do that than bringing them to the place that shaped who you are. I also love that it’s in your face production wise. I have a blast performing it!

Chris: You have several other songs in the queue that are ready for release. Can you describe your new sound for fans? 

Cassadee: “Take You Home” is pretty indicative of what the other songs sound like. I feel like I’ve covered all the bases as far as emotions go. You’ll get sadness, happiness, loneliness, confidence, etc. The songs tell my story and will give fans a good look into what the last year has been like. As far as the style, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten from me. Country music with a pop/ rock twist.

Chris: Any plans to release more songs before summer?

Cassadee: There is a possibility I might release more music before the summer. But that’s the beauty of self-releasing… I can bob and weave as I go! There’s an overall plan, but it’s easy to pivot when needed.

Chris: You appeared last night on NBC’s The Voice as an advisor to Team Kelly [Clarkson]. What was it like to go back this time around as an advisor instead of the talent?

Cassadee: It was such an incredible experience for so many reasons. I found myself having this urge to help out the artists on more of a personal level. I wanted them to know the nerves are completely normal. You just have to know how to control them. I had such a great time hanging out with Kelly all day, too. She’s such a beautiful person inside and out. I had zero nerves going into the filming as an advisor. If I had been performing, I probably would’ve been shaking in my boots. That’s just what The Voice stage does to me!

Chris: Based on the talent this year, any front-runners?

Cassadee: You’ll have to see for yourselves!!! 😉

Chris: It was recently announced that you’re performing at this summer’s CMA Fest! What can you tell us about the performance? Will there be more new music included in the setlist?

Cassadee: I’m so excited to come back to the Riverfront stage. I’ve played there twice and both shows were awesome. You can definitely expect to hear some new songs in the set. And also some covers! I love a high energy show so that’s what I try and deliver.

Chris: Having heard your new music (and loving it, of course), there’s a common theme — especially in the songs you wrote. What was your inspiration?

Cassadee: My life is the inspiration. One of the hardest things I did was write during some of the saddest times. But I’m so glad I did because everyone will get an authentic take on what I went through. I want to be an open book to my fans and I want them to see there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Chris: You went through a lot of changes in the last year, both personally and professionally. How did you get through it? And what advice do you have for those who might be struggling with change?

Cassadee: I put the work in! I went to therapy, read self-help books, leaned on my friends, ignored the negativity, didn’t look at things that weren’t productive in my moving on. It’s crazy what we’re capable of when we really want to better ourselves. I would say don’t cut yourself short. Know you’ve got all the tools to make yourself happy because at the end of the day it’s a choice.

Chris: Being on your own professionally, what has been the most rewarding part of creating the new project?

Cassadee: One of my favorite parts of the new music is that I got some of the co-writers of the songs to sing harmonies. On “Take You Home” you can hear one of my best friends, Emily Weisband, singing on it. This next chapter is all about being the truest version of myself. And that includes my friends and family. So expect to see and hear a lot more of them in the future! 

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