The Seemingly Impossible Question: Can You Lose Weight Quickly AND Healthily?

We all wish we could take a magic pill to lose weight, but we know, deep down, it’s not that simple. When we have pressure upon us to lose weight, the temptation can be to go down the very unhealthy route, are there any ways for us to lose weight quickly and healthily?

The Science Of Weight Loss

We equate fat with weight gain when it’s our body storing excess sugars and carbohydrates, not “fat”! So when we are looking to lose weight, the trick is to cut down on carbohydrates. This is why the ketogenic diet is so popular, where you eat substantial amounts of fat, and keep carbs to a minimum, because your body then, after burning off the glycogen, goes to burning the fat off, resulting in weight loss. This can be very difficult to acclimate to, especially when carbs make you feel full, but there are low carb foods that can do the same.

Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Once you get the basics of the science behind weight loss in your mind, you can then work at the practices that help to speed up your metabolism. This is not just about exercise, but having an idea of the right herbs that can help. For example, there are ginger drinks to help you lose weight, and ginger is one of the greatest herbs to help you speed up your metabolism. Spices are another form of food that can help, and this, in conjunction with the right exercises that speed up metabolism, specifically high-intensity interval training or lifting very heavy weights, not only are you getting fit, this will all work together to ensure you lose weight.

Keeping Your Mind In Check

While it’s all well and good to have the tools at your disposal, we can all feel that temptation to gorge on sugary treats. We can find ways around this, such as by feeling full so we don’t feel tempted to eat sugar, which, again, is where the keto diet comes in handy, but also, ensuring the best practices in your life meaning that you won’t succumb to temptation. Getting rid of all of the junk from your cupboards is one good example, but also, when you are losing weight for a specific deadline, you need to think about the goals, and not having things like cheat days. It’s so easy for us to fall off the wagon when we have people around us that continually eat sugar and unhealthy snacks and they don’t seem to gain a pound, and this is where we have to have some form of mental fortitude.

It is possible to lose weight quickly and healthily, but if you ever have any concerns, you can always visit a health specialist. There are so many resources out there that boast about the fact that you can lose weight quickly, but are these resources actually genuine, or even safe? Losing weight is a battle so many of us have to face, but we can fall prey to so many bumps in the road, from the wrong information, too just not knowing how to do it safely. Hopefully, this can get you started.


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