5 Things To Discuss Before Marriage

5 Things Couples Must Discuss Before Marriage

It’s almost here! Discuss Before Marriage

My wedding day is just three days from today and it got me thinking, “have Joe and I had all the discussions we need to before we make the biggest decision of our lives?” It’s easy to get caught up dreaming about dancefloor playlists, tasting cakes, and the food. Food is important. But there are important –not necessarily as fun– things to discuss before marriage. So, if you too are about to take the exciting walk down the aisle, I’ve compiled a list of some topics that you should grab a bottle of wine, two glasses and cover before you say “I do.”

5 Things Couples Must Discuss Before Marriage

Things To Discuss Before Marriage
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Who has it and who’s responsible for paying it off? Make sure you’re comfortable with the finance plan and how your future spouse spends so that it doesn’t creep up later. Finances can be a mood –and ultimately a relationship– killer.

Some other questions to ask: Will you share a bank account? Keep individual accounts? Both? What bills will be paid by what accounts? Will you each put a certain percentage of your income toward shared bills? Do you have an emergency fund?


Dieting and exercising are not only important elements to a healthy life but also to a healthy relationship. Learn about each other’s fitness goals and discuss how you can help each other achieve them. If possible, discuss how you can find an activity to do together. Even just committing to a short walk around the block can do wonders for your long-term relationship.


Find out exactly what “clean” means to you and your significant other. Especially if you haven’t yet lived together. Discuss these types of habits and how they contribute to your stress. How will you divide up chores and other housekeeping responsibilities? Discussing these topics now will help you avoid fights later on.


One of the most important questions to answer before saying “I do” is about the possibility of children. Are you and your spouse both aligned? In addition to building your own family, you also need to agree on how much time you spend with your individual families. How much time do you expect your spouse to spend with them? How do you plan to spend your holidays and what’s your plan for giving both sets of families equal time with you? Are you the type of person who likes to vacation with your family, and if so, how often?


If you practice a religion or have a particular faith, how important is it that your partner share or practice it with you? If you plan to have kids, what religion, if any, do you want to raise them in? Perhaps your partner was raised Jewish, and you were raised Catholic. How necessary is it to you that your significant other switches to a different denomination? Religion may be a sensitive subject, but it’s certainly one of the most important things to discuss before marriage.

Already married or headed down the aisle soon? What were the hot topics you discussed before you got married? Share in the comments below.