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5 Things You Can Do When You’re Engaged

Are you newly engaged? Well, welcome to the club and Mazel Tov!

Being engaged is a special and unique time—and you and your future spouse deserve to celebrate! You don’t have to start planning your wedding right away. Joe and I are surpassing the two-year mark before we walk down the aisle in May. But for those who may want to start thinking about their future nuptials right away, here are a few things can (and should!) do after the proposal.

5 Things: You Can Do When You’re Engaged

  1. Call your partner your fiancé: Remember when you “made it official?” That feeling of saying “this is my boyfriend” or “this is my girlfriend.” This is the second to last time you’re going to have that feeling. So, enjoy saying “this is my fiancé” until the big day.
  2. Tell everyone: You’re engaged! You’ve cried, you’ve said yes. But now what? Make the appropriate calls first —parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles, cousins, friends. Then, once those that wouldn’t be offended to be the last to know, you change your relationship status on Facebook.
  3. Share your proposal story (a million times): Everyone you know, and even some of those you don’t, will want to know, “How did they pop the question?” It happens a lot, so get used to telling the proposal story. Joe and I have it down perfectly, each telling our versions with fun quips and details to make it engaging.
  4. Strike a pose: Get your A-list celebrity on with a full photoshoot dedicated to you and your partner. Other than your wedding day, there aren’t a lot of times (unless you’re a profesh model) where you get to show off in front of the camera. Plus, these photos will give you years of Instagrammable moments.
  5. Plan a wedding: There’s no need to start planning your wedding immediately after the proposal—take some time to enjoy yourself! Hell, I’m sitting here two months from my wedding, which took over two years to plan. When you’re ready, start an online wedding-planning checklist to figure out what you need to do and when.

What are you most excited about in planning your wedding? Share your questions or stories in the comments below.