Carrie Underwood’s Heartbeat

It’s December (already!) and, while the panic that I’ve yet to do any Christmas shopping has officially set in, things got a lot less stressful when I got a peak at the new Carrie Underwood video for Storyteller‘s second single “Heartbeat.” This former American Idol, who has always had a special place in my heart, always stuns with her perfect vocal and show-stopping looks in her catalog of gorgeous videos. “Heartbeat” is no exception. Although, it could be considered the most “exception-al” of the bunch.

Underwood, who dances around under the “harvest moon” in her bare feet, has never looked better in this drool-worthy video. Featuring only her and set to the scene she paints in the lyrics, this single is the perfect accompaniment for the winter season. The new mom, who’s new album debuted at the top of the charts, hasn’t skipped a beat with “Heartbeat.”

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