Men: Wear These 4 Things For Instant Body Confidence

Body confidence is often portrayed in the media and advertising as something that men should have innately. Rarely are guys permitted or even expected to address issues of self-confidence when it comes to their appearance. They’re expected to “man up”, suppress it and carry on regardless. But that approach can be damaging both to men and those around them. It can cause them to carry feelings of self-loathing and resentment around and this will impact their relationships with themselves and others. 

Image by Malcolm Garret via Pexels

Men don’t need to live under the yoke of body issues. Nor do they necessarily need to resort to surgery to correct things they don’t like about themselves. They say that clothes maketh the man, and in many cases, the garments and accessories they wear can lend men greater confidence and surety in their own sense of style.

Worried about your height? Wear slim fit shirts and jackets 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that big chunky shoe lifts are the key to looking and feeling taller. Instead, focus on creating a leaner profile. A wider profile makes you look stumpier while a slim profile helps you to look more willowy. You don’t have to be poker thin to look good in slim fit clothing. For added effect wear pants with either a quarter or no break. Not only does this help to make you look taller, but it can also help you to show off those nice clean white shoes.

Sensitive about gynecomastia? Know what to wear

Gynecomastia (often referred to as “man boobs”) can be a subject of great sensitivity in more ways than one. Not only can it result in a curvy and feminine looking breast, but it can also result in puffy nipples and irritation. Nipple covers can be effective in preventing puffy and sore areolas. Dark, matte fabrics can give you a more flattering shape while a compression shirt under your clothing can give you a straighter silhouette. Wear shirts with vertical and diagonal stripes that are slimming and provide a straighter appearance. Random patterns and paisley can also be useful in drawing the eye away from bulges in the chest.

Conscious of your belly? Layers are your friend

Many men who are self-conscious about their bellies might feel that adding extra layers is counterproductive as they can make the belly stick out even further. But properly deployed, layers can help to even out your proportions and help you to feel less self-conscious about your bulge. 

A flannel shirt, a cardigan or a sport coat can help to square out the shoulders, thicken the upper torso and give you a more flattering, Y-shaped silhouette. 

Jaw not as chiseled as it used to be? Wear a beard

Beards are a great way for men to contour their faces. As we age our jawline can become less defined and pads of fat can often form on our faces to give us a rounder face. A good beard can square off the jawline and give the jaw and chin greater definition. Check out these beard grooming tips

With a little preparation and know-how, no man needs to be plagued by body issues.