Best Adventure Holidays for 2019

The new year is fast approaching, people in the office are already getting their holidays booked, so you need to too! But what is going to make 2019 a great year? Going somewhere new? Trying a new sport? Completing a challenge? What if you could do all three in one go? Check out these fantastic adventure holiday ideas for some inspiration.

Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail to the lost city of Machu Picchu a must-see destination for many travel lovers and adventurers alike as Machu Picchu is named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perched on top of the spectacular peaks of the Andes mountains an Inca trail tour is the perfect way to reach the site, starting at an altitude of about 2,800 meters and ends four days later at Machu Picchu, at 2,500 meters building anticipation all the way.


Ever thought about surfing? Even if you can’t do it or have never done it before, somewhere like the Bodhi Del Mar Nosara Surf Camp in Costa Rica could be just the place for you. The fusion of the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort & Del Mar Surf Camp, which joined forces to offer a luxurious yoga resort near the jungle which boasts a salt-water infinity pool, soothing fountains and waterfalls all a short walk away from the beach complete with consistent year-round waves and certified instructors to teach you how to surf! The best of both worlds!

Rock Climbing

The Todra Gorge is an amazing climbing holiday, not only set in an idyllic destination with the colorful souks of Marrakech but the gorge provides climbs for all levels of climbers. With lots of new routes, even if you’ve been before, there’s plenty to see again, and many of the multi-pitch routes run the full height of the gorge.


Kayaking – not just anywhere but in Kerala, did you think of that? You will discover backwaters and places where a houseboat or canoe could never take you. Close to the everyday life of the people living by the canals, you will paddle to tiny canals, go under small bridges all guided by very knowledgeable tour guides.

Swimming around the Greek Islands

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is another holiday where you get the best of both worlds – utter relaxation on a remote island one minute to a challenging swim in the sea the next. The Diapontia Islands (off the north-west coast of Corfu) provide a range of distances, from bay swims all the way up to a 6km swim. There’s also a fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding archipelago and the unusual Kravia rock formations.

So, if you were after something adventurous and your partner was thinking along the lines of something more relaxing for your holiday next year then hopefully one of the above will float your boat or at least get you thinking!