Make Adult Life Cheaper With These Tips

After college, we become fully fledged adults and we are sent out to make our own imprint on society. However, being an adult isn’t all about the perks, it has a lot of major costs we need to think about too. We now have to do our own food shopping each week, we have to pay rent or a mortgage, and we pay bills. Surviving as an adult in an increasingly expensive world is hard, but here are a few ways to cut down the cost of your life this year.

Car insurance

When we finally pass our driver’s test and get a car. It isn’t the cost of the vehicle which floors us, it’s often the cost of the insurance. If you feel like you are paying far too much for your car insurance you should check out a site like and also consider making a few changes to your policy. For example, if you are willing to install a black box in your car to monitor your driving habits and speed, you can reduce your premium and save a lot of money each year. It might be a little bit annoying to have but it will make your month so much cheaper.

House bills

If you have been lucky enough in your twenties to buy a house, you will know the shock and horror you experience the first time you receive energy bills. When it comes to gas and electric, we often go for whoever the previous owner has gone through, but this isn’t necessary. You are within your rights to compare prices on a site like MoneySuperMarket and choose the cheapest deal you can from a trusted provider. Even if you have been at the same company for years it doesn’t matter, make a switch and you can enjoy an introductory rate which will usually last for a year.


In this day and age broadband will be one of the first things you apply for when you get a house and it is important to take your time and really examine the deals. For example, even if you don’t want a landline (who does these days?) you can still often get a cheaper deal if you buy a bundle including your broadband, tv and a phone. Just because your phone line is connected doesn’t mean you have to go and buy a phone to plug into it!

Food shop

Food is a massive cost when you start paying your own way, and the cost of things like cheese and meat will surprise you when it comes to your weekly shopping. To cut down costs of food it can be helpful to make meals in big batches and then freeze your leftover portions for another day. There are some amazing big batch meals you can create with minimal ingredients, and cooking all together like this will save you money on your gas and electric. This whole thing will make life much easier and much cheaper too.