Little Style Touches That’s The Icing On The Fashion Cake

Whatever the occasion, be it a date, a wedding, or just a casual stroll down the farmers market when you are stepping out, the numerous considerations that have to be made to put together a stylish outfit can loom large in the mind. But let’s face it, we’ve all got our own style and uniqueness, but when we’re trying to add something a bit extra, something a little special, we need to make sure that we’ve got little touches that are the icing on the fashion cake. On what are our options?


A stylish wrist watch can add that bit of sparkle to any outfit, but this only works if your style is predominantly formal and professional. If you want to go a bit quirky, pocket watches have come back into style, and while you may view it as a little bit of a hipster approach to fashion, a pocket watch works great with a pinstripe suit, tweed, anything that’s on the more casual side of formal.

A Scarf

Draped across your neck and shoulder, a scarf is a must for the winter season, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the clichéd chunky approach to knitwear. It’s not just the style of scarf that can shake up your look, but also how you present it. The great thing about a scarf is that there are many ways to wrap it around your neck, and if you’re looking for the many ways of how to wear a men’s scarf, you don’t have to look very far. Get it right, and a scarf provides an extra sense of elegance.

A Ring

Granted, a ring isn’t for everyone, and apart from the wedding band, you may not even consider branching out into additional finger jewelry. A signet ring can go one of two ways; it can add an extra layer of style to your get up, or it can look unbelievably tacky. Signet rings can be elegant, but this depends on the finger you wear it on. A neat little touch would be to have one on your little finger, just so it’s barely noticeable. Wearing a gold signet ring with colors like purple provides an interesting and striking contrast.


What’s great about bracelets is that they can be an intriguing addition to an outfit, and doesn’t have to cost the earth! It’s another way to communicate your identity, especially if you have a black cuff with an embossed logo, it adds a little masculine touch, without it being overly so. Seeing a bracelet peer out from your cuff is, as the signet ring, a beautiful little touch that can tip the balance.

When we are bored of our usual styles, and we want to do something a little different, without branching out into unknown territory, adding these little touches that can make a big change is much simpler. Creating a new style can be an overwhelming prospect, but when you’re feeling your way through these new approaches, adding little touches like these can be the icing on the cake to an already stylish getup.