#AskAmanda: Romantic Ruts & Fall Fashion Tips

Hello internet! My name is Amanda Valentine. I’m a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist (fall fashion!) and amateur astrologist. For as long as I can remember, I have also been a giver of advice. When I was in elementary school, I stood by a specific tree during recess and would dole out my view on pressing preadolescent issues: boys, fashion, what to get for lunch, who knows… (what were our problems back then?!). People knew where to find me each day and I reveled in providing a logical impartial view. I’m also a classic Gemini, which means I always see both sides to an issue and I love to communicate.

From that tree at recess to the pages here on Listen! It’s Vetrano, I’m still here to help. I hope you enjoy this column –think of it as the tree, where you can come and ask me anything! You can submit your inquiries, questions and daily woes here or on Twitter using hashtag #AskAmanda.

Now let’s break down this month’s inquiries and see what I can do to sort out Nahda’s romantic rut and offer fall fashion tips to Kate and Tim.

From: Kate
Star Sign: Scorpio
Message: Hi Amanda! I am preparing for my first day at a new school and trying to find the perfect outfit. The school I am going to will have many established friend circles and I will be the new-girl/outcast. I’m pretty basic when it comes to dressing, jeans and a tee-shirt girl. I’d like to reinvent my look little for my new life, so what should I wear to make a splash and stand out? I really love your style on the show and would love some easy tips for a simple girl like me.

Kate! First of all, you are NOT the outcast, you are the new mysterious Scorpio! And dressing to impress is your specialty, astrologically speaking… Do you know who else is a fashionable scorpio like you? Lily Aldridge, Katy Perry and Chloe Sevingy. TRENDSETTERS! So- headed into fall, why don’t you take your basic jeans and tee idea and add some spice… killer boots or an insane vintage jacket? You’ll still feel like yourself but you will have an edge. I recommend shopping for vintage on Etsy or heading to sites like That way you can guarantee no one else in your school will have it!!

From: Nahda
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Message: I have been married for only one year, but me and my husband are already experiencing some serious trouble. Ever since we got married it feels like the love is gone. We dated for 5 years before taking the plunge but now we barely speak. I am not sure what has changed. He got a new job right when we got married and I know he’s been feeling pressure to do well, but other than that I do not know what has changed. Any advice to turn things around?

This is a tough one. As a Sagittarius you are open, fun loving and want to talk! Maybe your husband approaches things in a different way… and that is causing the friction. Or… lack of friction. 😉 I think it’s always really important to put on your empathy hat, try to delve into how the other person is seeing things and how the other person might feel. He may feel like working his toosh off is showing you love, but you want more time and physical attention. It’s always important to remember that two people don’t love the same way- and it’s your job as a healthy couple to investigate what you need to GIVE and what you need to RECEIVE. But also cut yourself some slack. One year into a life long marriage is a drop in the bucket, and an adjustment time is to be expected. Take the pressure off yourself and approach this subject in a warm, open, non-judgemental place.

From: Tim
Star Sign: Gemini
Message: Amanda, I loved you on Project Runway and am a huge fan of the show. I wish they’d do more men’s wear so I could take away some inspiration. I recently started a “big boy” job where I have to wear business casual to business professional. I find these options really boring. Do you have any tips to take my office wear from drab to fab?

Tim, my Gemini brother. When I’m attempting to find inspiration in unusual places, –like you trying to get excited about dressing for an business environment– I have a trick. So, when I think “business-wear” I think black, white, suits… doesn’t seem so thrilling, does it? BUT… Who else wore black, white, suits? My first thought is the punk rockers, teddy boys and ska kids in the 70’s and 80’s! Stick with me here… What did they wear that you can bring into your wardrobe that would feel unique, fresh and, dare I say, edgy and fashionable? Polished loafers or brogues, fitted trousers, slim cut shirts and touches of color pops… Head to Topman and you’ll have a bazillion options. If I were you, I would invest in a double breasted dress coat. Just sayin’.

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