4 Gifts For Women That Literally Never Fail

The holidays are on the horizon once again, just as most of us have only just begun to mourn the loss of summer. We all know that the big day will be upon us before we know it, yet many of us will leave gift shopping until the last minute this year as we have every year before. While gift shopping can often be tricky even for those we’re intimately familiar with, there are certain gifts that literally never fail to make the right impression. We’ve already talked about foolproof gifts for the men in your life, but what about gift shopping for the women we love? Whether you’re buying for your beau, your sister or your mother you’ll never see anything but smiles when you see these gifts unwrapped…


Everyone loved jewelry. It doesn’t matter if your fashion sense is conservative or flamboyant, whether you’re quiet and unassuming or boisterous and theatrical. Get yourself over to to see a selection of necklaces which will suit just about any taste. Whatever her body type, skin coloring or personal style, a well-chosen piece of jewelry will ensure that a smile lights up the face of any woman in your life.


If there’s one thing a woman can never have too much of, its shoes. Shoes are never an unwelcome gift. There are so many occasions that require shoes, whether comfortable sneakers for the gym or devastatingly dazzling heels to turn heads on a night on the town. Of course, you need to know someone pretty well to get a clear idea of where her tastes lie in terms of footwear but usually, a cursory glance of the wardrobe is enough to provide some inspiration. While some superstitions say that you should never give the woman in your life shoes because it’s bad luck, we’ve yet to encounter a woman who had too many pairs.


Perfume may be a safe choice, but it offers such diversity and possibility that nobody could ever accuse it of being a boring gift. The right perfume can make a woman feel fresh, confident, empowered, sexy and formidable. Whatever your relationship and whatever personality type the recipient has, there’s always a perfume that’s right for the occasion. Once again, being conversant with the recipient’s personal tastes can be extremely helpful. At least finding out whether they prefer sweet, clean or musky scents is a great starting point.


Lots of women love makeup, but very few enjoy paying for it. Makeup offers a woman an opportunity to be creative and reinvent herself for every occasion. It makes a woman both the artist and the canvas and in that sense, it can be colossally empowering. Of course, the trick lies in finding the right products. Eye palettes are always a safe bet. They look more impressive when wrapped and placed under a tree than a mascara or lipstick, last a long while and offer a huge amount of opportunity for experimentation with different looks.

If you’re at all unsure when it comes to gift buying, there’s really no shame in playing it safe!