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Artist To Watch: Andrea Ball

Idol Insider is excited to bring you our new featured artist of the month, Andrea Ball. Ball is a self-described creative individual who “can’t seem to communicate the same way everyone else does”. Instead, she best communicates in beautifully crafted lyrics, telling a story with an arrangement, and expressing emotion with her performance, which is why the stage is where she feels most comfortable. And while she may feel “different from everyone else” at times, this is what makes Andrea Ball one of the music community’s most celebrated new stars.

We first discovered Ball in 2008, when her first LP titled Beat Beat Pound made its way to iTunes. A native to Denver, Colorado, Ball received praise from her local community as she performed at some of the city’s most notable venues.  Just two years later, she is readying the release of her follow up LP, entitled Dial Tone, which continues to showcase her ability to write emotional, and very personal, tracks to tell a story through her music.  Dial Tone is a more grown up version of the singer-songwriter, as she takes what fans came to love about her on her first release and multiplied it by ten. The singer, who’s voice could be compared to some of music’s greatest talents, showcases a unique sound radio stations across the country are lacking.

In an interview, Ball describes the process of writing the new album, beginning with an idea of compiling a variety of love letters and basing songs on them.  The project organically grew and suddenly became very personal, focusing on her own love letters and experiences. And whether the letters tell stories of personal growth or leave a final word to past lovers, she pours her soul into the new compilation of perfectly blended tracks, which comes across loud and clear the first listen.

The title track, “Dial Tone”,  represents the singer’s attempt at finding her true self without the help, or direction, of those around her.  And to tie the album together she offers a bit of foreshadowing in the opening line, “put on your parachute”, illustrating the turbulent ride of emotions to come from the next 9 tracks – one of the final tracks is titled “Plane Crash”.  On “Glass Wall”, one of the stand out tracks, the raw, emotional vocal almost emulates that of Fiona Apple on Tidal.  Sincerity in her performance makes Ball relevant and captivates her audience at every show. And while most artists tend to succumb to what’s known as the “sophomore slump” on their second release, Ball shines brighter than before – the signs of a true star on the rise.

Plans to tour the new album include performing this week at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, a CD release concert in Denver, and a slew of other shows throughout the spring and summer. Having already opened for some big names in the industry, including Flobots, Matt Morris, Meiko, and Bowerbirds, it is clear that Andrea Ball is a name that will soon be headlining her own stage.

Denver fans can catch Andrea when she celebrates the release of her new record at Hi-Dive (7 S. Broadway) on March 26th.  And be sure to pick up a copy of Dial Tone on iTunes March 23rd.