Outfitter Chris Vetrano

Every man wants to look good, but most rarely have the time –or patience– to do it alone. Chris Vetrano has teamed with men’s style brand Trumaker to help every man get out of shopping, away from the mirror and back to doing the things he loves doing most. Trumaker doesn’t just care about how you look in your clothes, they care about what you do in them. With built to fit shirts, blazers, chinos and suits (launching Fall 2015), Trumaker can transform your closet it under an hour. 

Schedule an appointment with Trumaker Outfitter Chris Vetrano to learn more about the built-to-fit  shirts and blazers, lightweight sweaters, ties, t-shirts, belts and other leather goods by filling out the contact form below. Chris will contact you within 24 hours to find the best time to drop by your home or office to take your measurements and show you the options.

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