• The Magnettes

    Music Monday Playlist: The Magnettes

    Listen! It’s Vetrano artist-to-watch, The Magnettes take over my Spotify account to curate a list of songs that inspire and move them (and me, too!). The girls, who have set out to “reclaim the word ugly” with their fresh Icona Pop-meets-Sleigh Bells sound, are currently promoting their latest single “Killers In A Ghost Town.” “Why does beautiful have to be the standard?,” they said, “we think speaking your mind and being weak, weird, sad, anything but perfect, and ultimately real is cool. We have no regrets.” The video for The Magnettes new single, which debuted last month on FM.tv, is “about being an outcast and an underdog,” the pair explains. [It’s] “about claiming your space and identity. About growing up as…