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    Nashville Notables: Stephanie Waring, Juice Nashville

    Having just coming off my fourth 3-day juice cleanse from Juice Nashville, feeling better than ever, it’s only fitting to feature Music City’s healthiest hot spot. Stephanie Waring and her plethora of cold pressed juice blends are taking the Tennessee community by storm. As the first local juicery in town, Juice Nashville is more than just a place to grab the healthiest, most delicious cold-pressed goodness. Waring and her team of friendly faces are creating more. They’ve created a juice community that is growing by droves. Most of my trips to Juice Nashville’s location in The Gulch consist of grabbing one of my favorite cold beverage blends (Sing, Hot Stuff and Snap are…

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    Best Burgers: Nashville

    When you’re in search of the best burgers in Nashville, V for Vetrano comes to your rescue. As a self-appointed burger aficionado, and after many visits to the best (and worst) dining in Music City, I often get asked about where to eat. A tough question when you’re dealing with picky eaters with tons of dietary or preferential restrictions. But there is one thing that never fails: burger places. So long as the menu offers a vegetarian (typically a black bean) burger option, you can always turn to the American classic. As Nashville grows and new dining options pop up on each block corner, it might be tough to decide which ones are…

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    Feys Lift: Tasteful Spaces

    It’s 6 o’clock. I’m hungry, I’m antsy and I’m trying to figure out if my new bright blue Cole Haan shoes are too loud for my outfit. I need to choose from the many Nashville restaurants a place to eat dinner, finding somwhere that will satisfy both my appetite and my requirement for good lighting. With a glass of wine in hand and Uber on their way, I make a decision and give Bugsy a kiss goodnight. How did I come about my decision you may be wondering. I believe that pairing great food with inspirational design can make magic, which is more difficult than you might expect. Often times…

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    Hollywood With A Touch of Twang Pt. 2

    When I moved to Nashville almost five years ago, I was a bright-eyed, celebrity obsessed music lover that was anxious to explore all that Music City had to offer. After the first year of settling into my new home, I broke from my music-related blogging (on my music blog Tragic Kingdom) to provide readers with some of my favorite Nashville hot spots and places to add to their itinerary if bumping into country music royalty was on their list of things to do. In fact, it may have been that very post that led to the creation of Listen! It’s Vetrano and the more Lifestyle, Nashville-focused blog you’re reading (and loving, no doubt) today.…

  • Saint Anejo Brunch
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    Saint Anejo Brunch

    At one time the brunch options in Nashville were very limited. And of the ones offered, they were usually overcrowded and not worth the wait. I mean, I can make some mean scrambled eggs. However, in the last year most of the Music City hot-spots have added a Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) brunch menu to accompany their offerings. So it was no surprise that M Street Entertainment, the restaurant group who also operates a handful of successful establishments in town, are launching a new brunch menu at Saint Anejo — the group’s least successful — this weekend. Saint Anejo launched in 2013 with a promising menu that included their take on a…

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    Rise & Grindr: Once I Went Black

    Nickname: Bojangles Date: First How We Met: Grindr Rating: 6/10     After my dating disaster with Shark Week and still no word from “Joe,” I took the week to regroup and focus on work. I had a lot going on and with so many new dating apps to choose from, I realized how easy it can be to get trapped into hours of browsing, flirting and ultimately sexting with local men. I welcomed the break, but by the week’s end I was getting antsy (code: horny) and I started striking up conversation with the men who’d been awaiting responses. Bojangles was a slender black man who had been messaging me consistently for the past couple…