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    #AskAmanda: Hectic Lives & Fashion Faux Pas

    Hello internet! My name is Amanda Valentine. I’m a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist and amateur astrologist. For as long as I can remember, I have also been a giver of advice. When I was in elementary school, I stood by a specific tree during recess and would dole out my view on pressing preadolescent issues: boys, fashion, what to get for lunch, who knows… (what were our problems back then?!). People knew where to find me each day and I reveled in providing a logical impartial view. I’m also a classic Gemini, which means I always see both sides to an issue and I love to communicate. From that tree at recess…

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    Ryan Cabrera: On The Way Up

    It’s been ten years since Ryan Cabrera debuted on the music scene with his catchy lead single “On The Way Down” and his trademarks locks. Since then, the singer has been busy working on music, fighting the “norm” of the music industry, dating high profile ladies and fighting to share his craft with the world. On March 3rd, Cabrera will embark on the next phase of his career when he drops his new EP Wake Up Beautiful. The collection’s first single “House On Fire” is available now on iTunes and the video just debuted online. Weeks before the release of the long-awaited new EP, I chatted with Ryan to talk about his new music, his…