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    Priority Is Not A Plural Noun

    Listen, I get it. At the end of the year, we get so caught up with “priorities” and responsibilities that the holiday season brings… on top of our regular day-to-day tasks. Our growing to-do lists make us feel certifiably insane. Amirite?  Our engines are revving so loudly that we just keep nodding and smiling through the deafening sound of our own busy-ness! Gross! So, turn down the volume and give yourself permission to read some encouragement here and just breathe. First, I want you to remember how incredible of a life you’ve had so far. I know its not perfect, and neither is mine! You’re here though, you’ve made it this far. That deserves…

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    Getting Your Sparkle Back With These Simple Steps

    Listen, sometimes in life — with work, education, and family noise — we can lose a little bit of our spark. It’s small things that you might not notice at first. One morning you don’t manage to fit in your normal routine, or you find yourself slinging on the same outfit day after day. You might even find that when once you would wear bright colors and bold prints, that your confidence to do such things has lessened somehow. It can happen to anyone, at any point. Life sometimes has a way of getting in the way. If we are going to be real about it, it has happened to…