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    Man Crush Monday: My Love Story

    V for Vetrano here with some not-so-breaking news. In one of my recent posts, I dropped a bomb about wedding planning which made some of you go “woah… wait!…what?!” Sorry about that. I realize my personal life has been pretty obsolete from the blog until now. But after years of blogging about music and entertainment, I’m finally ready to share my love story and a peek into my life outside of the Housewives, Taylors and Britneys. Starting with Joe, my forever Man Crush Monday. My Love Story For most of my early adult life, I was single. I didn’t really mind because I was focused on building a business and…

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    The Beauty In Totality

    I admit it. I was wrong… in totality. When I posted yesterday about the solar eclipse, I said something ignorant and uninformed. To quote myself, “I personally don’t see the appeal [of the solar eclipse], but I am not a science nerd and never have been. Maybe I will feel differently today at approximately 1:27pm, but I’m always game for a good reason to party.” After seeing the solar eclipse in totality yesterday with a group of friends and loved ones, I can confidently say I’m changed. It was not just a “reason to party.” Although, there was plenty of that and it was a perfect reason to. The solar eclipse…

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    Feys The Music: Eh, It’s Fall. Fine.

    Joe Feys is Nashville designer and Listen! It’s Vetrano contributor, regularly writing his column ‘Feys Lift.’ This week, Feys steps into the driver seat of ‘LIV’ regular series Music Monday to share some of his favorite songs of the moment.  As the playlist title not-so-subtly suggests, I’ve finally accepted the change in seasons. With the fall and winter months ahead, I have compiled some of the songs that are helping ease the pain of the colder temps. From the upbeat new single from Justin Bieber to my favorite new track from Carrie Underwood‘s latest Storyteller, this playlist has something for all. I am sharing my latest obsession Foxes and a oldie, but goodie with an…

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    Music Monday: Feys the Music Summer Jams

    Joe Feys is Nashville designer and Listen! It’s Vetrano contributor, regularly writing his column ‘Feys Lift.’ This week Feys steps into the driver seat of ‘LIV’ regular series Music Monday to share his favorite summer music.  Summertime is important, especially for music. So when Chris asked me to guest blog for this week’s Music Monday, I wanted to pick a list of tunes, both new and old, to ensure you have all the right notes for the next few months. Whether at the pool, on the couch with the puppies, at the Galleria with the most popular boy you met at summer camp, or in the car with the windows down, you…

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    Feys Lift: Starch Smartch

    Dieting is probably the worst possible necessity of the season, but I have finally come to terms with it. Well… not all of it, but most of it. There are certain things we can all cut out of our daily meals and snacks and not miss at all. Especially when there’s some easy to prepare starch alternatives that are easy on the hips and don’t sacrifice the flavor. Here are three that I have created to mimic some of our favorite treats and will leave you saying “Ohmigah.” Baked Kale chips are better than potato chips. Seriously Cut your kale into bite-sized pieces and evenly cover in olive oil or vegetable oil. Salt…

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    The Best Friend Challenge (feat. Joe Feys)

    This week’s all new episode of ‘Listen! It’s Vetrano‘ features Nashville interior designer and ‘LIV‘ columnist Joe Feys. Joe breaks down all things beautiful, including design tips, Nashville’s best food options and great — and healthy– recipes, in his monthly column for the site, ‘Feys Lift‘. Check out Joe’s picks for best dining ambiance in Music City here and check back next week for some healthy alternatives for summer eating. In this week’s episode of V for Vetrano’s web series, the two test their knowledge of one another in the popular YouTube game, the Best Friend Challenge. See how well Feys and Vetrano actually know one another and learn more about the duo in…

  • Hashtag Blessed

    Hashtag Blessed

    Hey guys, gals and undecideds! It’s me, V for Vetrano. I can’t believe all that’s happened since my last check in with y’all (I’m so Nashville, right?!). I hope you’ve been enjoying the new content coming atcha regularly on the site. I’ve been a busy worker bee getting the new Listen! It’s Vetrano launched these past few months: new videos, new blogs, new contributing writers and even more fun things in the works (yes, it’s possible) … stay tuned! In our first official month, we’ve already seen more than 10,000 sets of new eyeballs from all over the U.S. stop by to see what’s cooking on the site. I can’t believe it! I’m…

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    Introducing: Amanda Valentine

    Last week, I announced the roll out of contributing writers to expand the the ‘LIV‘ brand with the inclusion of Feys Design Founder, Joe Feys (if you missed Joe’s first contribution to his “Feys Lift” column, check out “Tasteful Spaces” here). Today, I am thrilled to announce the second contributing writer for Listen! It’s Vetrano, Amanda Valentine, who will dole out her unique prescription of advice to help readers sort out their daily woes in the new column “#AskAmanda.” Amanda is the founder of VALENTINE VALENTINE, a Nashville-based clothing and accessory collection, and celebrity stylist. In 2013, Valentine was selected as a designer to compete on the eleventh season of Lifetime’s hit series Project Runway. Following the success…

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    Introducing: Joe Feys

    Today marks the launch of a new chapter of the Listen! It’s Vetrano brand. Over the next few months, I’ll be rolling out some exciting new features, content pieces and platforms to deliver you more V for Vetrano than ever. And I am thrilled to kick things off with the announcement and addition of contributing writers, who will be introduced over the next few weeks and will round out the LIV content. First up, Joe Feys, who will be charming readers with his hilarious and educational take on design, architecture, food and beauty regularly in his column “Feys Lift.” Besides being one of my favorite people to talk about music and food with, Joe Feys is one of Nashville’s most prominent…