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    “RHONJ Teresa Checks In” Premieres October 11

    The following is from a press release issued by Bravo Media and NBCUniversal Media about the three-part special “RHONJ Teresa [Giudice] Checks In” starting October 11. “Bravo presents a three-part special following Joe Giudice and his family as “The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Checks In” beginning Sunday, October 11 8p.m. ET/PT. It has been a challenging year for the Giudice family. With Teresa serving out her prison term and Joe Giudice facing a longer sentence after Teresa’s release, the family must learn to cope without their beloved matriarch through some very important family milestones. Extended family, including Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga, sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and cousin Rosie Pierri, rally to support Joe Giudice as he…

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    RHONY: Back Off of Bethenny

    Bethenny Frankel Returns To Hostile Housewives on This Season’s Real Housewives of New York When Bethenny Frankel made the decision to return to the series that followed her rise from struggling single lady to a household name and mogul, it was unclear where she’d fit in with the group of women. Since her time on the Real Housewives of New York, the cast of Big Apple ladies has changed, with only a few of the original women intact. The series now includes several newcomers and a few whom Frankel originally filmed with, but were often times her rivals in the early seasons. Add a painfully public divorce and custody battle that has Bethenny fighting to…

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    VOTW: Pretty Girls, Singing Unicorns & OC TV

    When your week gets busy and time flies by, the internet doesn’t stop. That’s why V for Vetrano has you covered with all the must-see videos of the week. Every Friday, visit Listen! It’s Vetrano for the week’s latest music premieres, television moments and viral videos that will keep you up on all the chatter at the water cooler. Pretty Girls – Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea This week, Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea debuted their highly anticipated video for their new single “Pretty Girls.” The clip, inspired by the cult 80’s film Earth Girls Are Easy starring Geena Davis, is filled with fast moving clips of the singer showing the recently…

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    RHONY: The B Is Back

    The B is back! Bethenny Frankel makes her return to Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) this season, promising to bring the dramz. Her life –post divorce and failed talk show– will be documented as the Founder of the wildly successful Skinnygirl brand picks up the pieces of her crumbled, and broken, person life. For fans of the show, you’ll remember Frankel as the RHONY’s relatable comic relief delivering her quick-witted one-liners while struggling to build her brand and find love. Following her departure from the series, the Skinnygirl went on to sell her liquor brand for a rumored $100 million, launched a talk show with producer Ellen DeGeneres and released a number of New…

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    The Hills Are Alive With Vanderpump Rules

    Fans of the early 2000’s series The Hills often feel misty when they think of the days long before Housewives were flipping tables and Bad Girls were tearing out weaves, back when Lauren Conrad (known then only as LC) was just a girl with a dream discovering Los Angeles on her own. Well, along with her sassy and well-dressed friends always in tow to bring the drama. When the show said its final farewell, many tried to fill the void that the larger than life cast of characters left behind. Who would be America’s sweetheart with tears as black as night? And who would be the sassy neighbor, always looking for love…

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    Take 5: Hailey Steele

    We all love to know what inspires our favorite stars and we want to know what – or who– is behind our favorite lyrics. But why so serious all the time? Take 5 was a regular feature on my music blog Tragic Kingdom that shed some light on the questions that you really want to know, but might never ask.  To kickstart the feature on Listen! It’s Vetrano, Nashville’s new darling Hailey Steele. In November, Chris sat down with the singer on the release of her debut EP to talk life in Nashville, her time on ‘The Voice’ and getting drunk with Christina Aguilera. As if that wasn’t fun enough, let’s Take 5 with Hailey Steele.…

  • 2018 Movies To Watch - Love, Simon

    Movies To Watch Right Now

    You should know that I don’t claim to be a movie buff nor do I have any credentials that rival the Siskels or the Eberts of the world. But I do know what I like. And though I would normally rather binge a Housewives marathon, preparing for the wedding–shedding weight and saving dollars–has inspired me to dive into my growing list of movies to watch. The backlog of movies I’ve missed while following the deep seeded love/hate relationships of the Kims, Nenes, Tamaras and Vickis is large. There are some serious classics that I’ve never had the pleasure of watching. But that mountain felt too large to tackle pre-wedding. So I started…

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    Man Crush Monday: My Love Story

    V for Vetrano here with some not-so-breaking news. In one of my recent posts, I dropped a bomb about wedding planning which made some of you go “woah… wait!…what?!” Sorry about that. I realize my personal life has been pretty obsolete from the blog until now. But after years of blogging about music and entertainment, I’m finally ready to share my love story and a peek into my life outside of the Housewives, Taylors and Britneys. Starting with Joe, my forever Man Crush Monday. My Love Story For most of my early adult life, I was single. I didn’t really mind because I was focused on building a business and…

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    My Big Fat American… Body

    Hey, it’s me again. No, not the informative and often hilarious (no commentary please) blogger from Listen! It’s Vetrano. It’s the voice from 2015 that reminded myself –and urged my readers– to ditch the ‘Fat Jeans‘ and get back into shape. Remember that voice? I hear it often and loud enough, so I assume you hear it on your end, too. From that 2015 holiday binge to now (2017), I’ve managed –with the help of carb overloading, gallons of rosé and countless hours of sitting on my ass, watching Housewives bicker– to reach an all time high in weight. A whopping 229 lbs fat, which is about 50 lbs from…

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    Best & Worst of 2014

    Another great year has come and gone. I don’t know about you, but 2014 was a great year for V for Vetrano. I spent most of it working in the music industry, managing artist’s unrealistic expectations, enjoying Nashville’s growing city and fighting to find the balance between professional and personal. Both done quite successfully, in my opinion. I learned a lot about myself this year, which led to the rebranding of my music blog Tragic Kingdom to Listen! It’s Vetrano, officially launching in the new year. But before I take you too far forward, I have to look back at the year of 2014. I’ve compiled my picks for the best & worst…

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    Rise & Grindr: Once I Went Black

    Nickname: Bojangles Date: First How We Met: Grindr Rating: 6/10     After my dating disaster with Shark Week and still no word from “Joe,” I took the week to regroup and focus on work. I had a lot going on and with so many new dating apps to choose from, I realized how easy it can be to get trapped into hours of browsing, flirting and ultimately sexting with local men. I welcomed the break, but by the week’s end I was getting antsy (code: horny) and I started striking up conversation with the men who’d been awaiting responses. Bojangles was a slender black man who had been messaging me consistently for the past couple…