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    Gift Ideas That Any Guy Would Love

    For us guys, gifting is often a struggle. We might be the same gender as our fathers, brothers, cousins, partners, and friends. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve nailed how to shop for other guys. We might know what we love to receive, but that doesn’t mean that we know how to purchase the perfect gifts for the other guys in our lives. Whether you’re choosing a birthday gift, a Christmas treat, or a little pick-me-up for a friend, partner or family member, it’s not always easy to find that perfect item. Gift buying isn’t an easy task – the issue is a combination of the fact that there’s a…

  • 5 Reasons I'm Over Summer

    5 Reasons I Am Over Summer

    It’s no secret if you know me, I don’t care much for summer. I know it’s a controversial statement and I’m likely in the minority, but I’m not a fan of sweating through every layer of clothing I own. Which probably explains my struggle with fitness. And more than that, I’ve somehow managed to be the only person in my large Italian family that can’t catch a tan. At least without burning to a crisp first. There’s nothing more I love to do on a hot summer day than sit inside and cuddle up to a movie on the couch. In fact, why even get out of bed at all?…

  • Nashville Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse of the Heart

    For weeks, you couldn’t turn on the news or go out in public without hearing about the solar eclipse. The whole city of Nashville has gone eclipse crazy. Eyewear (fake and protective) is selling out across the nation and people are flocking to Music City to see this once in a lifetime experience. I personally don’t see the appeal, but I am not a science nerd and never have been. Maybe I will feel differently today at approximately 1:27pm, but I’m always game for a good reason to party. And lucky for me, the solar eclipse has give Nashville a reason. If you’re in Music City for the big event…

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    Music Monday: Chris’ Pop Christmas Playlist

    It’s that time of year — Christmas is here! All week long, we’ll be spreading our fa-la-la-la-la’s and decking the halls to celebrate the nation’s biggest holiday of the year. Growing up, Christmas was less about the shiny packages and gifts under the tree. Instead, it’s always been about the music. The spirited, joyful, and often cheesy, music. As a child, I couldn’t wait (and often didn’t) for an appropriate time of year that I could pull out my Christmas albums and get into the holiday spirit. I was fascinated by the songs that every pop star wanted to sing — each, of course, with their own musical spin. Pop stars,…

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    Nashville Gift Guide

    If you’re anything like me, you’re probably rushing around for those last minute gift ideas for your significant other, co-workers, friends and/or family. I spend eleven and a half months scratching my head thinking of what to get the people closest to me for the holly, jolly time of year and then, in the final hours before Santa’s impending arrival, get stuck creatively and land on those little pieces of plastic: the dreaded gift card. So, in an effort to be more creative and support local businesses, I’ve compiled some great Nashville-based brands that make perfect holiday gifts and tell your loved one that you’ve done more than pursued the…

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    Feys Lift: No Tree? No Problem!

    Ok so you’re probably going, “is this a Noxema commercial or what?”… but it’s actually my new column for Listen! It’s Vetrano, which you will have the pleasure of reading (or skipping) for the months… years… millennia to come. So since we’re gonna be here together for a while, let’s get introductions out of the way. My name is Joe and I love design. I hope you do too, or at least will let me help – or force- you to every couple of weeks. I love a challenge. Speaking of challenges, that brings me to my first topic: the Holidays (insert “ahhhhhs” or “ ughhhhhs” here). About a week…

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    Shop: Parnassus Books

    Am I the only who pictures something dusty and overcrowded with old, worn out books when I think of a local bookstore?! Well, you won’t find that at Parnassus Books, located in Nashville’s Green Hills area. I was shopping for last minute holiday gifts when I stopped by this well-groomed shop with my friend. Well… maybe not stopped by so much as was dragged because let’s be real, reading gets in the way of my trashy, reality tv watching and I just can’t squeeze it in. However, on the occasion that I do find myself hankering to pick up a book and flip through it (usually looking for the pictures), I could…