Should You Work with an Influencer?

We cannot dismiss the fact that social media has been deeply embedded into the lives of the public. These sites enable us to connect with our loved ones and stay in the loop with our social circles. These platforms’ functions for information dissemination and communication have proven useful in various aspects of daily life.

These online platforms can display information to millions of people at a given time. Social media sites are relatively young compared to the rest of the web, but they have evolved into premier destinations for advertising. Today, there are over 3.70 billion active users scattered across various social media platforms.

Billions of people can now be exposed to a business with ease. Social media marketing has even been developed to optimize marketing practices through these social networking sites. Today, social media platforms are more than just an avenue for social connection. They are now a powerhouse for advertisements for almost any business.

The Birth of the Influencer

Social media sites let you choose who you interact with. This is through following or subscribing to these people and vice versa. Activities of the people they are following then show up on their social media feed.

Through this system, a branch of social media marketing banks on social media personalities with significant followers. These people are known as influencers. With the huge amount of people who see their posts, they can influence their followers’ thinking and buying behaviors.

A Marketing Tool

While social media sites have been useful in connecting for marketing initiatives, they have become too saturated with businesses and advertisers. Every enterprise is vying for the attention of social media users. It’s not easy to be noticed in such a saturated space. Today, influencers have become a vital avenue for businesses to find their target market because these personalities attract specific types of people.

Working With an Influencer: Should You Do It?

Working with an influencer brings several implications. This is a relatively new method, but it uses classic marketing techniques that have been used for many years now. There are also various techniques on how a business can work with them.


For one, brands can work with influencers through product placements. Influencers typically have to post content on their social media pages. Entrepreneurs can then pay for these products to be shown on the content. Through this, products get more exposure.

For instance, jewelry sellers can work with fashion influencers and have them wear pieces of jewelry in their posts. They can also work with jewelry-retouching services to make the pieces pop in the photos. It’s subtle but enough to make followers curious about the products.

Now influencers get a lot of engagement in their posts. Likes, comments, and shares matter to them because that is how they make their presence felt. By posting content with the products, they are now exposed to those who have seen and engaged with the content. Their products are now seen by thousands of social media users.


Another method on how brands can work with influencers is through sponsorship. This is a more explicit way of marketing a product because they are openly endorsed by the influencers. This method can still be good for product exposure.

Sponsorship does offer a bit of a setback. Sponsored posts and video content tend to disturb the experience of followers. They follow these content creators for their organic content. Some followers may find it abrasive when influencers endorse products, especially when it interferes with the entertainment value of the content.

Free Samples

Businesses can also choose to send some samples of a product to certain influencers. Free samples can be costly to do because a business has no assurance of any returns. Influencers have full freedom over what they want to do with the samples.

Sending samples is done as a way to engage with an influencer of a business’ choice. This can be used as the initial interaction as they try to find the right person for their brands. Businesses should know the implications of doing this before sending their free samples.

Product Reviews

Asking influencers to review a certain product can also be a good way to gain exposure for a product. Product reviews are common among tech enthusiasts. These reviews can be a great way for businesses to show what their products can do.

Of course, this method can also backfire. While it does show the strong side of a product, it will also expose some weaknesses. Buyers take these product reviews into account when deciding on what to buy. It may affect the overall sales of a business’s products. But if a business believes that any type of publicity is beneficial, then this method is the right fit for them.

Influencers are now part of the social media marketing space. It is hard to discount their contributions because they do help advertise products and businesses. With that, businesses should consider working with the right person that can help them expose their brand to a bigger audience.