3 Tips for Having More Everyday Willpower

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Willpower is one of those things that many of us wish we had more of in our everyday lives.

Whether you like the idea of getting in shape and becoming a full-fledged fitness enthusiast, but can’t seem to motivate yourself to get to the gym, or whether you have an idea in mind for a great novel that you really want to write one day, but can’t seem to get round to actually making it happen, willpower often seems to be the solution to many of our problems.

At the same time, though, willpower is usually treated as something that you just have to “do,” not as something that you have to develop or nurture.

Here are a few tips for having more willpower at your disposal in everyday life.

Reduce sources of overstimulation in your everyday life

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do to begin increasing the amount of willpower that you have at your disposal on an everyday basis is to reduce sources of chronic “overstimulation” in your everyday life.

Recently, all sorts of individuals ranging from writers to psychologists, have commented on the fact that the hyper-stimulating sources of entertainment that surround us in modern life – including things like video streaming platforms, video games, and social media – have the ability to desensitize us to all sorts of potentially pleasurable or uplifting everyday experiences.

The end result of this process is that, if you are constantly overstimulated, it can seem much harder to actually deal with everyday chores and situations that would otherwise have been pretty straightforward, and that wouldn’t have required as much willpower.

This doesn’t mean that you can never enjoy a film or a TV show, or any other hyper-immersive full of entertainment. But it does mean that you should be very mindful about practicing some moderation.

And, of course, keep in mind that obsessive web surfing may potentially have the same sort of effect.

Rely less on willpower, by coming up with ways to streamline everyday processes

Many everyday routines and processes that may seem to require a lot of willpower, can be streamlined so that they are a lot less “willpower intensive.”

When it comes to cooking your meals, for example, you could create a catalog of delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make, such as this instant pot risotto recipe, and can then pick a set time each day when you will do your cooking.

It’s possible to make all sorts of different important everyday activities a lot more straightforward and to therefore reduce the amount of willpower they require.

Get proper sleep, and do moderate physical exercise each day

Sleep deprivation – even relatively slight sleep deprivation – has the ability to seriously diminish willpower. At the same time, researchers have also found evidence that sedentary living can decrease available willpower reserves.

By taking steps to get proper sleep each night, and doing moderate physical activity each day – such as 30 minutes to an hour of moderate-intensity cycling on a stationary exercise bike – you may well find that your willpower significantly increases.