6 Ways to Make an Old Home Look Brand New

Becoming an owner of a house older than ten years old can be a challenge. If the former residents were taking good care of it, then it wouldn’t be as bad as it could be. However, there are still many difficulties involved if you plan to make your new place as good as new. Here are some pointers on how to update and refurbish an old house.

1. Repair the Exterior

One of the first things to do is to fix up the exterior of the home. While you might have bought it because of its vintage look, a closer inspection might reveal various imperfections. The house exterior is the first sight that people see of your new home, so you have to fix all of these up. For cracks or dirt on the siding, you might consider a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, don’t forget the grounds. You might have damaged driveways and pavement. Call in paving contractors and driveway specialists to fix these up. The landscaping also might need some fixing.

2. Acknowledge the Past

When you’re fixing the interior, you don’t have to tear everything up and replace everything. Identify the parts that you would like to keep and then focus on preserving them. For example, if you like the colors of the interior, then you should consider matching them in your remodeling work. Don’t make the mistake of mixing things up. The result will be a combination of styles that can be confusing. To ensure continuity, you should look for traditional materials. For example, vintage fittings are available online, and you can buy them to ensure your house interior matches up.

3. Listen to the Inspectors

During the purchasing process, you likely sent in a home inspector to look things over. Their report to you will be critical. A good inspection report details everything they found wrong or concerning in the house from top to bottom. Some of these concerns may have already been addressed as part of the purchasing negotiations. But there will likely be some leftover, or you agreed with the seller that you’d handle it. Some parts of the report you should focus on are the presence of leaks in the roof since that can lead to water and any old electrical systems since they can be fire hazards. Upgrading those two items should be a top priority.

4. Clean It Up Carefully

It can be surprising how effective a deep cleaning can be in making your old house look brand new. It is a lot more affordable than a complete overhaul, so cleaning might be the solution unless an area is damaged. However, some cleaners can be harsh on old material. If possible, try to use only natural cleaning materials to preserve as much as possible. For example, a quarter of a cup of cider vinegar mixed with a gallon of water is ideal for scrubbing natural wood walls and floors.

5. Keep Your Eye on the Budget

One aspect of house remodeling that often gets ignored is the budget. Most home buyers have limited funds for their remodeling since they already spent some for the purchase. It is a good idea to sit down and evaluate what projects to focus on before you run out of funds. Essentials like safe electricity and running water should be a top priority. For remodeling, you can do it room by room to ensure that at least some areas of your home are in good condition while leaving the rest for later.

6. Be Careful About Structural Changes

Some homeowners might have the funds to decide on making some structural changes to the house. Whether it is knowing down walls or adding a new room, this can become complicated. You need to ensure that you won’t be damaging anything important. Another check should be made if you need permission for such a significant change. Some houses are considered historic sites, and they might object to what you will do. Additionally, some places might also have laws concerning building heights and expansions. Finally, such structural changes are usually major projects. Work with your contractor to ensure that everything stays on schedule and under budget.

Refurbishing an old house can be an excellent project for those who want to make a mark on their new place. You will be able to make your new place your own. Additionally, it will ensure that it will be more comfortable for you as you take residence. There is also a chance to add modern amenities like Wi-Fi to not feel like living in the past.