Six Things To Bring To A Picnic!

Contrary to popular belief, picnics are not just for the early spring months, when the flowers are new and the strawberries are at their sweetest. Most people put picnics together with the weather just warming up, but there are so many reasons you should have a picnic in the cooler months, too. 

Packing a picnic for a day out together is a good way to get together with friends in a way that’s affordable. Knowing what to bring to a picnic is important because packing those cool bags and baskets with the best Big Country has to offer is a must! The most important thing is that cool bags are a must: you want your drinks and dips to stay cold while you get to your favorite picnicking place. Below, we’ve got a list of things that you need to bring with you to your picnic with friends.

Image Source: Pexels

A blanket or two. A picnic in the Fall isn’t always going to be a warm one. The ground can be damp or cold and you’ll want to ensure that you are all comfortable! Bringing a waterproof tarp under the blanket will help to keep it warm, too. It doesn’t matter what color the blanket is, bring one and sit on it!

Fruit & veggies. Picnics are boring without a side dish as much as they can be boring without a hard seltzer or two. Side dishes in the form of fresh fruits and salad boxes are a must and you can sprinkle chopped fruit with lemon juice to stop them all from browning.

Deconstruct. Not everyone likes pre-packed sandwiches, so instead of packing sandwiches that not everyone will love, you should deconstruct them and pack small Tupperware boxes with all of the sandwich fillings. Boxes of cold cuts, cheeses, and even spreadable fillers will be perfect. Just don’t forget the wraps or rolls to put them into and everyone can create their own.

Pastas. Are your picnic guests not sandwich fans? Not a problem. You can pack pesto and sundried tomato pasta, or chicken alfredo that’s been cooled right down and packed. Pasta salad is a popular picnic option, too, so you can’t really go wrong with pasta that has had fresh salad and leaves chopped through it.

Drinks. Is there a picnic without a few delicious drinks? Bring a bottle of wine and plastic wine glasses, or pack juices and water and have a round of soft drinks to take the edge off the alcoholic ones. If it’s an unseasonably warm day, you could pack ice blocks and gel packs around the drinks in the cool bag and keep them cold.

Bring desserts. For all of your salads and sandwich items, you need to bring something to curb that sweet tooth. Cupcakes and brownies are the best options as they are individually packed and everyone will love them. Always check for any allergies before you bring dessert and try not to bring anything with nuts – just in case!