Standout Fashion Trends to Follow Straight from the Runway in 2021

Have you been looking for ideas to re-purpose your old clothes? Or have you been wondering what type of clothes to buy the next time you go shopping? The most interesting part about fashion is that it is constantly evolving. People may search for excuses to buy new items to keep up with the latest trends, but did you know you don’t have to hoard stuff to stay up with trends?

You won’t believe it, but professionals that offer premium fashion photography services have revealed a secret, or rather a fashionable hack, about how they often see models embracing the newest trends with a mix and match of apparel that are typically piled up in wardrobes. In their opinion, you don’t always need to buy new clothes to follow the latest fashions and fads; mixing and matching is sufficient. But we have compiled a list of some of the most notable fashion trends directly from the runway for 2021.

1. Florals to the rescue

Florals are trendy all season, and you can pair them up with anything you like. From tiny to big and bold florals, they have always made their position on the latest fashion charts. Floral prints are one of the must-haves in anyone’s wardrobe. They have s a refreshing vibe for their bright hues, tropical patterns, bold blooms, and everything in between.

You can pair up a floral palazzo in summer with a solid bright-colored tank top or wear a floral dress in spring with a large hat. You can even wear a vivid and bold floral blazer in the months of winter to ramp up the look. In short, floral is for every season that you can follow and rock.

2. The raging statement sleeves

The one trend that is blindly followed in every fashion week these days is Statement sleeves. We witnessed puffed sleeves during the fashion of the Victorian era, and it has made its way back into the fashion in the 2020s. The Juliet sleeved dresses that are also in rage these days can be worn as off-shoulder tops, and it gives your shoulder a rounder appearance.

You can be creative with your sleeves these days. The runaways are all about statement sleeves, like, trimmed fringe, cold shoulder, floral prints, pompoms, ruffled sleeves, etc. Pair up a puffed sleeve crop top with a pair of denim pants or trousers of your choice or a monochrome flared maxi skirt. And you are good to go.

3. Being an athlete in fashion

Yes, athleisure is a thing these days. No matter how much we are lazy in our life, we won’t mind looking sporty and active. And the most important thing about opting for athleisure is that it is the most comfortable clothes of them all. Sporty tracksuits, chic crop tops with cargo pants, baggy tees with leggings are favorites among celebrities. You can often see them wearing these as “airport looks.”

On the other hand, you can wear these outfits in your gym sessions without breaking much of a sweat. You can wear comfy joggers, yoga pants, oversized t-shirts that will help you focus on your exercises without thinking much about comfort.

4. Oversized long jackets

Oversized clothes are in fashion for years as it is comfy and makes you look effortlessly stylish. From boyfriend-fit jeans to t-shirt, we have been following the style for a while. And now these boyfriend-fit long jackets have also been introduced by the OGs.

It creates a long line silhouette and can play with the shape of the body. These oversized jackets have shoulder pads that cinch in the waist and make an elongated appearance of the lower part of the body. You can pair up these jackets with straight trousers for a chic look. The colors you can opt for are- charcoal, powder blue, gray to look aesthetically chic.

5. Accessorize the look

Add stylish and minimalist accessories to give that extra oomph to your look. Floral headscarves, gold replica pieces of jewelry, vibrant headbands, face masks with bows and chains are now in trend. You can take the inspiration from the 50s and 60s when scarves were worn in the head as part of elegant fashion. You can choose a silky design with bold prints and pair it up with trench coats, or you can simply wrap it around your neck.

While choosing the accessories, go for casual yet classy ones, like layered chains, asymmetric earrings, detachable pieces, gold bangles, etc. While selecting the bag, you can go for a fringed one or a simple hobo bag.

As the saying goes, fashion comes and goes, but style is constant. Fashion may be purchased, but what you wear is entirely up to you. The focus should always be comfortable and things that make you feel the most confident.