Here’s How To Tell You’re Getting Old

I’d just like to preface this with the fact that no one is ever actually old: the date you were born doesn’t define how you feel on the inside!

You’re going to grow older and there’s nothing that you can do about that, but getting older is a privilege, even if it doesn’t feel that way while it happens. You believe that you are young and spritely and your actions probably show that, but your body won’t always agree. One minute you’re skateboarding through your nearest town on your way to play soccer and the next, you’re checking out the ingredients of finasteride and minoxidil to decide which drug would be the best one for your thinning hair. It’s a hard knock life when it comes to aging, and with this in mind, we’ve got a few signs you’re getting old – just in case you hadn’t noticed!

Image Source: Pexels

There’s too much noise. Everywhere you go, music playing, kids chatting, movies on – it’s all noise, noise, noise. When you’re dealing with aging, you may notice that loud noise is really starting to wind you up when you’re going about your daily business. You’re beginning to enjoy the sound of silence over the sound of lively laughter. It’s a sure sign you’re getting old because your hearing is becoming more sensitive and too much noise is really getting to you!

You really can’t decide what to wear. When you were a teenager, you dressed according to your favorite bands. When you hit your 20s and 30s, it was mostly suits for work and then nice jeans and a shirt for casual wear. Now you’re in your 40s and pushing into your 50s, you’re leaning more toward the beige slacks and finding that these are something tidy to wear no matter the event. Choosing clothing to match your age on the outside when you don’t feel 40 on the inside is hard!

You no longer style your hair. The pots of hair gel and hte tubs of wax no longer make their way into your basket at the grocery store. Why? Well, not only are you done spiking up your hair, your hair no longer needs the gel because it’s thinning out faster than you’d like. Gel makes it look like you have bald patches and it’s just not ideal!

Technology? What technology? Okay, so you’re not that far behind with it, but technology really isn’t making much sense anymore. What’s a Fortnight dance? Who runs TikTok? Whatever happened to MySpace? You’re asking all of the questions and you don’t understand the answers because you have no idea why people are using YouTube as an income stream. It just doesn’t make any sense to you anymore.

Your eye-rolling at everything. From people talking around you to debates cropping up about TV shows and movies, your eyes are rolling and everything makes you impatient now. It’s sad, but you stick to the safe topics of conversation and avoid the unfamiliar: that’s a sure sign you’re wearing your age!