Changing Your Home to Change Up Your Surroundings

As much as you love your home, there are times when you’ll get bored with how it looks. After years of staring at the same wall paint, furniture positioning, and decor, you need to change things up to avoid compromising the enjoyment and comfort of your home. Apart from improving the look and feel of your home, a little change can do wonders for the value of your house – in case you want to sell it in the future.

Fortunately, you can do many things to improve the appearance of your home. A little wiggle in your budget and plenty of patience and bags of creativity can make your house look like it’s a picture perfect photo retouched by an expert.

Take the Minimalist Approach

As the years go by, it’s easy to buy or collect items that you’ll never use again. Your home is the unfortunate recipient of all the clutter. The more items you keep at home, the more cluttered your surroundings will look. Instead of wasting the space at home, it’s time to start de-cluttering.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your home is to get rid of items you don’t use. As difficult as it is, you have to be ruthless with this task. Have separate piles for the items that you can still use (and not just want to keep), those you want to sell or donate and the items that you have to throw away. Only keep things that add something to your life.

Consider Cladding Your Property

If you want to revamp the look of your home, consider exterior wall cladding. This type of home improvement projects your home against extreme weather conditions (e.g. strong winds and hail storms) while refreshing its appearance.

Cladding is also a good form of insulation. If you properly install cladding to your exterior walls, you can keep the warm air from escaping during the cold winter nights. At the same time, cladding keeps your home cool during the hot summer season.

Don’t Forget the Exterior of Your Home

While the inside of your home matters, so does the outside. There are simple things you can do to refresh the exterior of your home.

  • Paint the fence.
  • Plant new flowers and shrubs to add color.
  • Trim the shrubs and cut the trees to maintain tidiness.
  • Add some garden ornaments.
  • If there is more space outside, add a bench.

Add a Splash of Color

Adding color to any part of your home is one of the best ways to change up the decor. But freshening up your home doesn’t mean you have to paint everything. Changing the color of one wall already makes a big difference.

Concentrate on the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in your house. Both rooms must look fresh, clean and appealing. Fortunately, you don’t have to install a whole new kitchen and bathroom. There are simple things you can do to make a difference in your bathroom and kitchen:

  • Add a mirror or art to create a feature. Painting the walls will achieve the same effect.
  • Replace knobs and handles to uplift cabinets and doors.
  • Replace occasional tiles with more colorful alternatives.

Other Aesthetic Tips

Go Crazy with Complementary Colors

Always think outside of the box when it comes to colors. If you want to go with neutral monochromatic colors, that’s fine. But if you’re bored with red and blue, why not go for peacock and pink? Give your home a WillyWonka”Good MorningStarshine” vibe.

Add Fresh Flowers

Bring a part of your garden or a touch of Mother Nature in your home by including fresh flowers to any part of your home. Flowers are always wonderful additions to any space. They add a refreshing and natural feel to any room. Visually, they also add a pop of color that can liven up a dull room or complement the other colors in your room.

Hang Your Drapes to the Highest Point of the Window

How you hang your drapes can drastically change the appearance of your rooms. The best way to hang your curtain is by hanging it from the top of the wall. Do this even if your window doesn’t go up that high. By hanging your drapery from the highest point possible, you direct the eyes of others to the height of your space, instantly adding charm to your interiors.

Paint Your Ceiling

Add more interest to your ceilings by taking the paint up there. Paint your ceiling to draw attention to the height of your interior.

Your home can change with you. All it takes is the right tools, plenty of patience and a creative vision in mind.