7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Windows

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Windows are a major feature in our home. Taking time to make your windows more stylish and attractive can help to make them more of a focal point. Below are just some of the ways in which you can spruce up your windows.

Add some flowers

If your windows look a little bare, adding some flowers can be a way of immediately bringing some life to them. Window sills are great places for putting vases of flowers because of the direct light. You can also consider adding flowers to the outside of your windows to add some curb appeal – this could include flower boxes or even vines around your windows (you can find some useful flower box tips here at The Lily Pad Cottage). 

Dress them up with curtains

Curtains are a popular way to dress up windows. Think about which types of curtains are most appropriate. Thick floor-length curtains can be great for providing insulation in the winter and will most likely block out all light. Sash curtains are smaller and lighter and are better for providing ventilation in the summer while maintaining privacy (but letting in sunlight). Match your curtain color to other accent features in the room such as cushions and rugs. 

Install blinds/shutters

Blinds and shutters can provide much more flexible control of light while also not taking up as much space as curtains. Blinds hang from the top of the window, while shutters are fixed to the frame. The former is better for providing ventilation, while the latter can provide better insulation. Blinds and shutters can come in all different styles from rustic timber to plastic – think about what fits your home.

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Add eye catching ornaments

Window sills are great places for putting ornaments. This could include decorative candle holders, photographs, vases, or animal ornaments. Try not to add too many ornaments so that you’re not cluttering up the window. You should also avoid putting anything valuable in a window so that you’re not attracting burglars. 

Hang decorations

You may be able to hang decorations above your windows. This could include beads, dreamcatchers, or lights. In the winter, you can even dress up windows with hanging fairy lights or baubles. Make sure that these hanging decorations don’t get in the way of curtains or blinds.

Clean them

A simple way to spruce up your windows could be to clean them. Many people rarely clean the exterior of their windows, allowing frames to accumulate dirt and fungus. Consider hiring a professional company such as Labor Panes Window Cleaning to clean your windows. When it comes to the inside of windows, make sure to dust blinds and wash curtains every few months. 

Replace them

Are your windows old or worn? It could be time to install some new windows. While this can be an expensive job, upgrading your windows could have many benefits such as improving insulation, improving security, and making your windows look more stylish. Windows can play a big part in the character of your home so make sure to choose the right style when replacing – if you’ve got an old home with timber frames, you may want to avoid replacing them with modern plastic or metal frames (refinishing and repairing old timber windows could be better for the value of your home).