After All This, We Need To Have Some Fun!

The world has been in so much pain and instability recently. As we slowly get back to normal, we should not just breathe a sigh of relief and carry on as we were. There are some lessons to learn, some reasons to be more thankful for the things we have. However, right now, all we need is fun! Doing activities that could relieve some stress, bring us closer together and just laugh and live in a carefree way, is the best thing to do for our mental health. And since we’re only concerned with new things, to not carry on with the norm, we need to think outside the box.

Move over paintball

Gel-blasting is the new craze that is taking over from paintballing. Gel-blast or gel-soft is purposefully designed for close-in fighting. Paintball guns have great range, but they also have more awkward designs. They’re also heavier because they use air pressure canisters, while gel-blasters use battery packs. This means that gel-soft is much more affordable. A basic gel-soft gun such as the m4a1 gel blaster is far more affordable than most basic paintball guns. Check out the options for various parts, which you can fit onto your own gel blaster. There are far more customization options than paintballing because there is no air canister needed and the guns are far more lightweight. Set one day aside on a weekend to go to your nearest gel-blast club to have some awesome skirmish fun.

Online art classes

Online art classes have skyrocketed in popularity. You don’t have to drive anywhere to be taught how to paint and draw better than you’ve ever managed by yourself. These classes can be found easily by doing a local search. Jackson Art has been hosting online art classes for adults in a bid to keep society aware of how important art is to our mental health. They have several different artists that host classes focussed on simple sketching, drawings, landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and various styles of famous artists. You will of course be told the kinds of items you need and where to find them online. They use various paints, such as oil-based and they’ll show you what kind of palette, brushes, and tools you could find useful. It’s incredibly good fun because you can do these art classes over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.


Community activities

Many communities are opening back to normal and to celebrate the community cohesion through this tough time, they are hosting sports events and fun activities for all. Check out your local authority’s website to see what kind of things are being hosted close by. Titletown is hosting many sports activities, great fitness classes, and daily crafts programs for kids and parents. This is in a bid to get everybody out of the house, enjoy the sun and have fun safely.

After what we have been through, everybody needs to actively seek fun out wherever it may be. Whether it’s within a group of your friends, within the community, or online, just enjoy life!