Fun Drinking Games For Your Next Party

If you are looking for a fun way to get the party started on a night out, a drinking game is certainly a good option. Not only will a few drinks get you in the jovial mood, but games ensure everyone is getting involved and socializing too. It’s the perfect starter to a successful evening of clubbing; you can then party long into the night whilst one of the top DJs plays the latest tunes. 

  • Never Have I Ever – Never Have I Ever is a popular game, as it can be enjoyed anywhere, so it’s a handy game to know if you’re out and about enjoying the nightlife. This game involves everyone taking turns to say ‘Never have I ever…’ and then they have to say something they haven’t done. For example, ‘Never have I ever kissed someone from Italy’. Those who have done so will need to drink. If no one drinks, the person who initially made the statement must drink.
  • Truth Or Dare – An old classic that never fails! If you select the truth, you need to answer a question truthfully. If you pick dare, you need to do a dare. Skinnydipping is a common one, so get that manscaping trimmer out before your big night out!
  • Beer Pong – Beer pong is a game for two players. You’ll need a table with cups of beer-filled on either side. You will stand at one end and your aim is to throw the Ping-Pong ball into one of the beer cups. If you manage to get it in the cup, your opponent has to down the drink.
  • Battle Shots – Battle Shots is very similar to Battleship. You need to guess the coordinates of your opponent’s ships. But in this case, the ships will be shots, and if you guess correctly your opponent has to down the drink.
  • Chicken Chase – All participants need to meet at a bar, with one person dressed in a chicken suit. Everyone puts $10 into the kitty and the person in the suit sets off to another bar. The other people need to split into groups of two or three. After the person dressed as the chicken has gone, everyone else should have a drink and wait about twenty minutes before setting off. The aim is to find the person in the chicken suit. However, the teams have to have a drink in every bar they enter. The first team to find the person that is dressed up gets the rest of the money.
  • Flip Cup – This game is basically a race that involves two teams. The first team to finish wins. The teams need to be split up into even numbers and both must be at opposite ends of a table. Each player has one ½ full keg cup placed in front of them. The first player starts and has to down the drink. Once they finish the beer, they place their cup upside down and the next person starts drinking. The first team to have all their cups placed upside down wins.