2021 Lifestyle Trends: Trending Lifestyle Habits for Better Health and Well-being

The year 2020 may have been a challenging one because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but 2021 will surely bring us plenty of hope and a feast of new lifestyle trends. Although some of them remain to be the trend in 2021, some also went by pretty quickly.

As we experience better connectivity and technology that the world either rejects or enjoys, it can also bring some shift when it comes to lifestyle trends. While we remain indoors because of the pandemic, we continue to witness some changes, especially with the “new normal” lifestyle going on.

So what can expect in the following months of 2021? From oral care, comfort living, to sustainable eating behaviors, here are some health and lifestyle trends you should pay attention to this 2021.

Oral care

Working at home and reliance on Zoom meetings has shifted our attention to people’s smiles. Everyone just seems to have a common sentiment on having natural and healthy teeth. Aside from the functional elements of having healthy teeth, a pearly-white smile creates a sense of confidence and well-being.

Aside from brushing and flossing, people never give much importance to oral care routines, but today, dozens of dental products have continuously emerged in recent years. That is why it makes sense to consider oral care is now a huge trend in the beauty industry.

From teeth whitening kits, activated charcoal in toothpaste, and refillable teeth-whitening gels, we’ve been seeing plenty of at-home dental treatments that promise to achieve the healthy, white teeth you’ve always wanted. But apart from these at-home procedures, laser dentistry brings in a high-tech dental treatment that can ease almost all of your dental woes in just a short procedure.

Although dentists have been using lasers in various dental procedures for many years, they only turned into a mainstream trend recently. From eliminating tooth decay, reshaping gums, preventing oral lesions, and whitening teeth, lasers have become a more useful tool for different forms of dental procedures.

People who are always afraid of surgical procedures that involve bleeding gums, anesthesia, and discomfort can now feel more at ease with laser dentistry. You can simply lounge on the dental chair without thinking about the drills and needles.

Comfort living

Locking ourselves indoors and staying in quarantine has become an eye-opening experience for everyone. People are beginning to make changes in their routines and focusing more on worthwhile activities that will add value to their lives instead of just sitting on the sofa.

The pandemic played a significant role in making our living spaces a place of peace and comfort. While it wasn’t our choice to be at home all the time, it has brought a renewed appreciation towards family time. Although we crave the outdoors and all the fun and trips that come with it, people have become more accepting and adapting to domestic life.

Homey office spaces are also a rising trend among the remote workforce. This all started when Zoom meetings invade our homes, making us extremely conscious of building the right background for online meetings. It also paved the way for home design firms and furniture companies to promote minimalist and tiny home movements by focusing on multifunctional decors and household items, from outfitted closet offices, Murphy beds convertible into desks, and sleeper sofas with hidden storage.

In terms of self-care and mental wellness, more people are adding areas for wellness-focused rituals and little luxuries, such as at-home gyms, Zen rooms, and spa-like bathrooms.

Sustainable eating behaviors

It should not come as a surprise that healthy lifestyles will remain a trend this 2021. In response to the global health issue, the demand for products with immune-boosting ingredients is on a continuous rise. According to a 2020 report by Hartman Group, U.S. adult consumers are now looking for practical benefits in their supplements, food, and beverages.

The average consumer has become more self-conscious and empowered to find ways that will propel them during these times of uncertainty. This resulted in a greater emphasis on health, wellness, and functional products. Fortified foods containing basic vitamins and minerals have become a cultural foundation among food businesses to push for value-added healthy foods and beverages.

Truly, the pandemic has shed light on how important it is to take care of our health and well-being. The emerging lifestyle trends in 2021 have attested that being able to live a sustainable and healthy life should be given more focus because of the looming health issues. As we consider new routines for 2021 and the years beyond, pay attention to these new lifestyle trends tailored towards personal care.