Boredom Opens Your Eyes To New Worlds

Boredom is something we’ve grown to fear. As a result, we unconsciously fill our days with to-do lists. Unfortunately, the pandemic has destroyed our carefully created schedules. Gradually, all those essential tasks and meetings we packed into our busy schedules have disappeared: Social engagements, face-to-face appointments with clients, sports clubs, etc. So, goodbye busy schedules and hello boredom. 

Why do we hate so much being bored? Boredom opens your eyes to new activities and hobbies you would have never considered otherwise. 

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Change your TV habits

When you’ve got more time on your hands, you can be tempted to stay at home, in the comfort of your living room. Who would blame you when it’s so cold outside? While this could rapidly turn into a lazy day of mindless tv binge, you can seize the opportunity to discover shows you didn’t know. Why not look for something new or unknown on Netflix? If you’ve missed Dexter when it used to air on TV, you can catch up on Netflix, for instance. If you prefer something outside of your comfort zone, why not take a look at foreign tv shows? Terrius, the South-Korean series from 2018, surprised bored viewers who turned to Netflix during the pandemic by describing in great detail an airborne virus that sounds a lot like COVID-19. Protector, a Turkish show filmed in Istanbul takes you on a thrilling journey through the rich history of the unique city. Boredom can disappear for good! 

Board games that are not boring

Monopoly? Scrabble? Urgh! What should you play dull games when there are so many exciting board games around? Some games are worth the splurge as they introduce a completely new narrative and strategy. You can even spice up things with exciting props, such as polyhedral dice from or character add-ons for immersive roleplay platforms. Surprisingly, one of the most frequently bought games during the pandemic is called Pandemic, and it’s a cooperative gameplay to save the planet. 

Solve a mystery at home

Do you miss going out for a meal with friends? Even though restaurants might still be open, most of us have preferred to stay safely at home. So, catching up with friends and relatives has become tricky. If you’re getting sick with the frequent calls and Whatsapp group chats to get the latest news, why not plan something different. Escape room businesses have actively promoted their games on digital channels, encouraging teams to book and play via Zoom. It’s a thrilling and cooperative adventure you can share with people in different locations. And, it’s a welcome change from the usual conversations! 

Tell your story

Everyone’s got a story to tell. But how many of us take the time to tell it? You can use the extra free time as a chance to put your thoughts into words. Whether you choose to start your family’s biography or to join short story competitions, the pandemic boredom could be the incentive you need to find your creative voice. No, you may not become the next bestseller. But that doesn’t mean you should miss the opportunity to share your voice. 

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Be bored no more. Life can be dull when you can’t do the things you used to do. But that’s precisely why it’s the perfect time to dive into new interests. After all, if you’re bored of the everyday pandemic routine, what’s stopping you from bringing something new to your day?