More Colors to Your Palette: Diversifying Your Creative Career

Pexels – CC0 License 

The world of a creative these days is not a one-note, one-color, approach. It used to be the case that if you wanted to be an actor, you would be able to make a half-decent living just doing this one job. But now, with more competition, and the rising cost of living, diversifying is crucial. And this means that you need to learn, regardless of your creative career choice, how to diversify it in the right ways. Let’s show you.

What Does It Take To Earn a Regular Wage in Your Chosen Industry?

This is one attitude that may motivate you. When we are looking to develop ourselves in one specific career, we may find that choosing one aspect doesn’t earn us a regular wage. For example, if you are looking to become a musician, you may be able to sell your music on Amazon, however, the returns may not be enough for you to live off. So what does it take for you to be able to earn a regular wage within the music industry? This is when you may consider other aspects that are related to the music industry but are not exactly what you had envisioned. You may be able to create a musical side hustle, but you will very likely have to incorporate other aspects into your life to make sure that it pops up your wage. This can be things like writing music for jingles on the radio, tutoring music or teaching instruments, or even writing about it in a fanzine or on a certain website. If you then add all these components together, treat it like your own business, and it pays a regular wage, you’ve just made a success of working in the music industry!

The Importance of Learning Continuously

If we are to expand our skillset, we need to constantly learn about the areas we are in. It’s not just the way to keep you fresh, but it can also help you identify opportunities that you may not have the skills for right now, but can in the future. When you look at something like the music industry, you may very well find that there are so many areas that give you a regular wage, but you don’t have the skills. But this is where volunteering your services becomes invaluable. Because the music industry is not just about the musician, or the tech, or the management, but in all of these things, learning about one additional aspect gives you more skills, but also helps you to appreciate the wider variety of roles within the industry. You can volunteer, but you can also network, and when you start to diversify your skillset and realize that everything within the industry is related, it gives you a greater appreciation of the bigger picture, but you can also do the other jobs successfully.

It’s very simple, but if you want to diversify your creative career, you should start out in the industry that you want. This makes it easier because you have some of the skillsets. But it also gives you the opportunity to come back to one role with a fresh pair of eyes.