6 Unusual Team Building Activities

You’re likely reading this because you want to do something with other people as a group activity, and you want it to be a team-building exercise. The thing is, all the conventional team-building activities are quite cheesy, predictable, and often dull.

What if some team-building exercises were fun, motivational, and encouraged everyone in the group to work together? You might think that such examples don’t exist, but the following activities prove otherwise.

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1. Paint-balling

There’s no denying that paintballing is a classic team-building exercise. It gives everyone plenty of opportunities to run around, keep fit, and have fun, but it also ensures people work together in teams to achieve common goals.

Of course, the only downside to paintballing is that it can be painful and leave participants feeling sore if they get splattered with paint! Still, paintballing is a fun activity that men and women of all ages can enjoy.

2. Escape Rooms

If you’d rather your team participate in an activity that doesn’t cause them any physical pain, how about solving puzzles together in an escape room? In a nutshell, the general premise of escape rooms is people must work together to solve mysteries before they can ‘escape.’

Another great thing about escape rooms is you can choose different themes, such as a murder mystery, technology, wildlife, and so much more.

3. Zombie Survival

Another unusual yet fun alternative to paintballing is zombie survival. The idea is your group of willing participants must traverse an area such as an abandoned building and ‘shoot’ any zombies they encounter while figuring out how to escape from the area.

As with other team-building exercises, your team must work together and solve puzzles. Doing so will ensure they ‘survive’ the zombie invasion around them and win the game.

4. Indoor Skydiving

Did you know that it’s possible to go skydiving without needing to jump anywhere from a great height? Indoor skydiving is a team-building activity set in a controlled environment and supervised by experts.

Indoor skydiving offers tremendous fun, but most important of all, people in your team come together to ‘fly’ in tandem and work as a group.

5. Raft Building

If you’d prefer your team engages in an exercise where they build something together to achieve a common goal, how about raft building? It’s a team-building activity that is ideal for the summer months as you go outdoors instead of stuck inside a building.

Building a raft together can be extremely rewarding, plus your team can look back at the event and remember how fun it is to work together socially.

6. Bubble Soccer

Lastly, one of the most unusual yet fun team-building exercises you and your team can try is bubble soccer or bubble football, depending on where you are in the world! Bubble soccer lets everyone get inside giant plastic soccer balls.

The idea of bubble soccer is people can run around in a field and ‘crash’ into each other while trying to kick a real, smaller ball towards a goal. In essence, bubble soccer is similar to playing regular soccer, but each player gets encapsulated into giant plastic bubbles!