4 Fundraising Ideas For Your New Years Resolution

New years resolutions are a great way to start the year. Whether you decide to start your own business, be more positive, or save more money there are so many things you can do. A lot of people decide that raising money for charity will be their new year’s resolution. Raising money for charity is a great thing to do, and it is very rewarding. Most charities require people to fundraise in order to bring in an income to the people they are supporting. It could be a charity close to your heart or something you have been reading more on recently. Whatever the reason, it is a great thing to do. When deciding on what to do to raise money, make sure it is something enjoyable and that it is realistic. If you are a salon you could do free hair consultations with tips to make your hair healthy like with and all the money donated goes to charity, or you could do a sponsored silence. Try and get your friends and family involved as the more people, the bigger the event potentially could be, and the more money you will raise. Plus, it means you can share some of the workloads, so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. Below are four ways to raise money for a charity that you can put into motion straight away. 

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Sponsored skydive

Embrace the fear of jumping out of a plane 10,000ft high, and raise money at the same time. A skydive is a bucket list item for many people, but in reality, it is a big challenge and one that a lot of people fear. Skydives can be done all over the country, so book yourself into one and start raising now. The sooner you organize a dive, the more money you can hopefully raise. It’s a great thing to do for charity and a real adventure!

Run a marathon 

This one is very extreme and requires months and months of hard work and dedication. A marathon is a big achievement, which again is on many people’s bucket lists. The size of this challenge means people are more likely to donate more and support you on race day. You don’t have to go straight into a marathon; if you are new to running, you could always opt for a half marathon as that alone is still a big achievement. Why not convince your family or friends to join you? It is more fun, and you can motivate each other. You could always create a joint fun raising page and raise money together. If running isn’t your thing, you could always try a couch to 5k to see if you enjoy it first. 

Host a football tournament 

A great fundraising idea that will not only have you involved but also get a lot of your friends and family involved too. Football is great fun, so why not set up a tournament and raise money at the same time. You can organize it on a weekend day and advertise it in the community to get other people involved too. After all, the more people involved, the bigger the chance of you raising more money. Make sure you get a trophy for the winning team and make an announcement at the end of the day to let people know how much has been raised. 

Charity car wash

This one is best in the summer, but if you are feeling brave, you could do it in the winter. Organize a location and advertise to your local community that you will be doing a charity car wash. Most people’s cars will always need clearing, and they will be more likely to get it cleaned, knowing it is helping a good cause. With little equipment needed, you can get your friends and family involved, having a good day together raising money. The more people you can get together, the more cars you will be able to clean.