Your Guide To Online Shopping During The Pandemic

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The world has changed drastically this year. 2020 has been a wild ride for most people around the globe, altering the way we live for now and potentially in the future too. One aspect of our lives which has dramatically shifted is the way we shop. Online shopping was, before the pandemic, one of the main ways we shopped anyhow – but now, it is pretty much the only way most people are shopping due to the pandemic. Online shopping can be fun – it’s certainly fun to spend money from your couch without having to get out of your pajamas – but there are challenges that come along with it.

The Fitting Debacle

Online shopping doesn’t allow you the experience of trying on the clothes or shoes you are buying. This presents myriad problems, particularly if you are shopping at a brand you have never been to in person. Different brands have different ways of sizing clothes, so your usual size could come up too small, or too big, at a new place. 

What’s the solution to the fitting debacle? Firstly, make sure you know your measurements. Investing in a measuring line which can accurately give you your measurements in inches or centimetres is useful for an avid online shopper because it means you can compare your actual measurements with the size guides provided by online stores. This means you are more likely to accurately estimate your size with that specific brand and avoid having to return ill-fitting clothes.

Spending Money Like Water

One other issue many shoppers have with online shopping is that it is easy to spend over your budget without realizing it. When you are in a physical store, you are forced to pay attention to the fact you are carrying heavy bags full of items that you are now going to have to pay for. Alternatively, online shopping is a virtual experience – just a few clicks and you can spend hundreds of dollars in one go. 

How can you combat the tendency to overspend online? Firstly, make sure you unsubscribe from emails which will coax you into spending lots of money on a brand. These are designed to pull you in, so make sure you rid yourself of any temptations. Secondly, you could set yourself a budget limit per month on online shopping. This would prevent you from exceeding your limits and make sure you spend your money on something you really want, rather than acting on a whim.

Shop Sales & Read Blogs

One benefit of online shopping is that you can explore multiple retailers with just a few clicks. This allows you to successfully shop sales, saving your pennies on every single purchase! If you want advice on how men can look great for less, or the best shoe brands for ethical shoppers, you can also read fashion blogs which will give awesome advice on shopping at the right places for you. 

If you are going to be doing your shopping online this winter, use this helpful guide to ensure you get the best for your money!