Why Are Sequels Made?

With over one hundred different sequels being made or scheduled to be completed across the next few months, many of which we can quickly get excited about – a Bloodshot sequel is in the works, for example, which many fans are going to be very pleased to hear – it does make us pause and wonder for a moment. What is it about sequels that make them so popular with the studios and with the cinema-going public? There must be a reason. 

The fact is, there is a reason. Or rather, there are several reasons, and they are all fascinating. Read on to find out more. 

Image from Pixabay

Fans Want Them 

One of the biggest reasons sequels are made is that, quite simply, the fans want them. They want to know what happens to their favourite characters, and even if all the loose ends have been nicely tied up at the end of the first movie, that doesn’t mean there is more story to tell. 

For truly iconic characters, it only seems fitting that their story is told completely. After all, a two-hour movie is only going to cover so much; there will always be more to uncover, and this will add a richness to the character and their universe. Going back to watch the original movie after seeing a sequel can enhance that too, giving you a unique perspective on the story that you would never have had the first time around. 

The Studio Wants Them 

If a movie has been particularly well-received, the idea of creating a sequel is going to be something that the studio will consider. They will be able to send out this news quickly, before the film is even if production, creating a buzz of anticipation around the upcoming movie, and ensuring it is a success. 

Some movies were always intended to have sequels, whereas others only have sequels created once the initial feedback has been received. And some, despite how popular they are, never get a sequel. So just because you love a movie that doesn’t mean you’re automatically in line to see a sequel – however, as mentioned above, fans can potentially change the studio’s mind, so make a big noise about what you love, and you might be rewarded. 

Sequels That Aren’t Sequels 

Sometimes a movie is made that isn’t exactly a sequel to a previous film but does share some of the world-building and characters. Even scant references to a main character from another movie, helping to set the scene, can be exciting for fans. 

No movie studio, director, writer, or actor is going to want to create a sequel ‘just because’. There does have to be a good (often financial) reason behind it (although independent studios are more likely to create a sequel because of the artistic merit). In this case, to satisfy fans, these ‘sequels that aren’t really sequels’ are created. They’re fun, and it’s interesting to try to spot the references, plus they can stand alone as movies without the need to know the prequel or original. In some cases, these are the best type of ‘sequel’ of all.