Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Image credit Pexels

Sometimes, everyone needs a little boost. Your daily routines can start to feel dull, boring, and you’re struggling to get up in the morning. Does this sound familiar? If it does, one simple solution can be to make some changes. These don’t have to be wholesale, and they don’t have to upset the careful equilibrium you’ve created to ensure your life runs smoothly! Instead, consider replacing a product here or there, upgrading to a more high-end alternative, or giving a little bit more time to certain elements of your routine. Don’t let yourself wallow in boredom; take control of your life, make little changes, and give yourself that boost of energy that you deserve.


How many people need a good cup of coffee to start off their day? Millions, right? The stuff has become vital in the morning routines of people across the country… and yet, not all coffee is created equal. Sure, some people are coffee snobs, but they have a point. If you’re still drinking the cheapest instant coffee available, it might be time for an upgrade. Invest in a french press, and you can experiment with different kinds of coffee, from Nicaragua to Colombia, until you find one that makes it worth getting out of bed in the morning.


Most people have some sort of beauty routine they follow every morning, even if they don’t think of it like that. Do you moisturize? This counts! Do you wash your hair? That counts as well! A beauty routine doesn’t just mean lipstick and mascara, but anything you do to aid your appearance and keep your skin healthy. With this in mind, using the best natural hair care products and skincare products can make a huge difference in how you approach the day. The different smells will give you an energetic boost whilst you make sure you’re taking the best care of your body.


What’s one way that your morning routine almost always suffers? That’s right, it’s time. If you’re feeling rushed and hurried, it can lead to increased feelings of stress, creating a vicious cycle of morning trauma! The fear of this then makes it harder to wake up, which makes the problem even worse. One way you can seriously upgrade your morning routine is simply by giving yourself more time. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier, and pair this change with giving yourself a really nice breakfast to enjoy. No dry muesli and cornflakes; think eggs, even bacon if you’re not vegetarian, and delicious sourdough toast. With this to look forward to, you’ll spring out of bed and then have an extra bit of time to settle into your day and enjoy your food. Mindfulness is much easier when you’re not already running late!

Your Own Changes

Of course, everyone’s routine varies, and you might already do all the above (if so, congratulation!) and still need an extra boost. Have a think about what small changes might work for you, and how you can implement them, to ensure your morning routine is practically perfect.