Was COVID A Social Wake-up Call?

The pandemic has been, in many ways, a wake-up call for the world that brought our lifestyle choices into consideration. For the first time in living memory, a pandemic has forced people to change and adapt their everyday routine to stay safe. Some sources have even compared the coronavirus to the bubonic plague that spread through Europe, Asia, and Africa and destroyed entire towns and villages in the 14th century. The thought is terrifying, but thankfully it isn’t an accurate comparison. Historians estimate the plague killed up to 60% of the European population. The current pandemic is nothing like that. 

First of all, we recognize the importance of good hygiene. We also understand what to do to avoid risks. We have tools at our disposition to boost our immune system; namely, we know we need to adopt healthy habits. Many of us have already made changes to boost their health, including improving their relationship with food and exercising. But that’s not all. COVID-19 is awakening our interest in caring for each other. And that’s a wonderful thing! 

Unsplash – CC0 License 

Teaching healthy movements

Unless you’ve been spending the last few months underneath a rock, chances are you’ve noticed the rise in online fitness services. From sports classes to one-to-one programs, you can find everything you need to get fit at the click of a button. It seems that fitness coaches and anatomy specialists are also joining forces to help people stay strong and healthy at home. As surprising as it might sound, many certified coaches have been considering expanding their knowledge with an online physical therapy degree that would allow them to support recovering clients. Ultimately, people are starting to understand that exercising is not easy when you’ve got mobility or muscle restrictions. Helping everyone to move more can reduce risks for vulnerable individuals. 

Providing healthy diet tips

Your diet holds the key to a healthy immune system. However, many households are finding it hard to make healthy decisions when it comes to nutrition. If you’ve been self-isolating at home during the first outbreak, you may have found yourself indulging more than you usually would. The bottom line: Self-isolation weight gain is a thing! But, you can’t make food subtraction the way forward. There’s a reason why we’ve been indulging: It’s a coping mechanism to stress. Thankfully, you’re not on your own. More and more nutritionists are reaching out with personalized online plans and lessons that help you get back on track without depriving yourself. You only need to reach out to find the key to boosting your immune system without affecting your mood. 

Has covid made us better? It’s an important question to ask. Many professionals have established new health-boosting programs to share their knowledge. People with medical expertise, such as Doctor Mike, have been vocal about the dos and don’ts in the fight against covid, encouraging us to avoid poor health decisions. For professionals, the focus has been on helping us stay healthy. 

But even at an individual level, it’s been the beginning of a health-focused journey, not just for ourselves but for those we care about. People have been concerned about how their health could impact more vulnerable members of the community. Whether you’ve been shopping for elderly neighbors or providing free materials for your clients online, COVID-19 has been a health wake-up call that made us realize how we can best help others. 

Was it the wake-up we all needed to become less selfish? Only time will tell.