Fashion and Lifestyle Trends for the Zoom Generation

Ever since the rise of teleworking, Zoom conferences, and stay-at-home orders, tastemakers, influencers, designers, and other celebrities all over the world have raced to create and push trends that are appropriate for the times. A good example is chic home wear: While one can argue that loungewear and athleisure had already reached their cultural zeitgeist even before the pandemic hit, thanks to celebrities like Beyoncé and Kanye West’s fashion houses cashing in on their popularity, but their prominence soared, even more, thanks to this new normal of staying home and doing meetings via video calls. The same can be said about the lifestyle and fashion trends that continue to permeate our everyday lives.

Here are some other fashion and lifestyle trends that will continue for the next few years or so because this new normal might be in our cards for the foreseeable future.

An elaborate backdrop

The pandemic has forced normal people like you and me to become small screen stars. Remember when only YouTubers and vloggers had to worry about what a certain spot in their house looked like? Now it’s a problem for everyone who has to attend meetings via Zoom calls. And how your background matters-it represents your home life, your interests, and even your work ethic as it shows the lengths you will go to seem professional in front of your boss and colleagues. The following are ways you can turn your backdrop into an aesthetically-pleasing and excellent representation of who you are:

Glass skin, also known as the “I tried but not really” look

Gone are the days of the IG baddie makeup look, and the overly elaborate smokey eye. Don’t get me wrong: While there’s nothing wrong with a full face of makeup (and people should continue to do what they want and what makes them happy!), there’s also nothing wrong with letting go of the pressure to do a full glam look every once in a while. And as the quarantines continue, more and more people would be inclined to go for the trendy Korean glass skin style of makeup looks.

Focus on skincare and use products that enhance your glow and tighten your pores so you can have days when you don’t use foundation and concealer. Brush up your brows, add a little highlighter, spray your face with a glow-inducing mist, use a tinted lip balm, and voila! You have yourself the perfect lit-from-within glow that looks good on screen.

Stylish home wear and minimalism

Depending on your company’s attire requirements, consider investing in several items that can last you as long as the pandemic continues. Since there won’t be a lot of opportunities to go outside for fun, it’s a great time to let go of clothes and shoes you haven’t used since the lockdowns began. The trends will continue to lean on stylish home wear like athleisure and loungewear, so go for pieces that look good on the waist up and that you don’t mind being seen wearing.

Having a good selection of quality and long-lasting staples like collared shirts and denim jeans for guys, versatile dresses for girls, and formal blazers can go a long way in providing you with a well-stocked wardrobe that’s filled with classic pieces that you can create an unlimited number of combinations with.

A Sense of Justice

And lastly, as the world continues to contend with the COVID-19 crisis, climate change’s adverse effects, political and social turmoil, and a crippling economic downturn, more and more people would make consumer choices that are good for the environment and other people. So do your part by studying up on issues and what individuals can do to help the planet and others during this difficult time. We all have a part to play, and our current fashion and lifestyle choices can make a difference.