A Simple Guide for Keeping Healthy for All Activity Levels

This year has certainly kept our health at the forefront of our thoughts and actions. During much of 2020, the world has needed to rework how to maintain our health while abiding my public safety regulations. However, in spite of the challenges, there are simple ways to keep healthy for all activity levels with our new normal. Regardless of where you live, your current fitness level, or age, you can follow these three guidelines to keeping healthy.

  1. Schedule a Time for Your Workout and Stick to it

With everything from work, school, and play this year at home, it is easy to let your workouts get pushed by the wayside. You have a to-do list with many tasks such as cook dinner, workout, and/or pay the bills. Even though the other tasks are important, you need to put yourself as number one. You should plan ahead by scheduling a time for your exercise and sticking to it. You don’t need to put aside hours. You can schedule a half-hour to do your legs with squat exercises one day and focus on other areas another day. If you have other family members at home, you can make a workout break a fun break from their work at home and/or online studies too. It is more fun to do everything together, even working out.

  1. Eating Right for You

There are countless opinions on eating right. It is important that you don’t fall into the next fad diet or celebrity routine. First, you must understand that everyone is different. You have distinct nutritional needs than your partner. Secondly, healthy eating should not be stressful. That would be counterproductive. Thirdly, weight management and healthy eating are not the same. Those that are in the know about healthy eating myths and facts, understand that both are different goals and should be separated. In fact, many fitness experts suggest workout supplements. The best pre workout supplements can aid in taking your workout and your health to the next level.

  1. Work Hard Rest Hard

When you commit to keeping healthy, you must eat for your body type and goals. Meanwhile, you need to get your body moving. Perhaps this means lifting weights, cardio, walking, and cross-training. However, after working out hard it is crucial to let your body rest, relax, and repair. Without the proper rest after a workout, your body is prone to injury. If you workout too frequently without enough rest, your overall health and energy levels suffer. Remember the simple recipe is work hard and rest hard.

Although 2020 will go down in the history books as a year of many challenges and changes, make your 2020 and 2021 about changing your health in a positive way. What is more important than your health. Without your health, you have nothing. So, use the three tips above as your simple guide to get your health on track and maintain it. Remember to schedule a time to do it, eat what is right for your body and goals, and schedule a time to rest.