4 Sports Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing

Golf, Golf Ball, Hole, Golf Course, Cup
Credit: Pixabay

During the COVID-19 pandemic, interacting outside in the real world can be difficult. The importance of staying safe is constantly implemented to help stop the spread of the virus. 

Outdoor activities are extremely limited, so what does one do for exercise? Not everyone wants to exercise in their home, especially when exercising in the same area becomes boring to look at. Try some of these outdoor sports while practising social distancing.


Soak in the open space and net. The only thing you’ll be with within the six feet distance is the tennis racket. Have fun swinging at the tennis ball and shuffling side to side without the worry of coming into contact with COVID.

In this sports activity, players are distanced away from one another and are placed in the comfort of the outdoors. Fresh air is given as every swing and step. Have fun getting active with your friends in this fun game of tennis!


This is a great activity to do solo or with a group. Get on your bicycles and cruise around your community or scenery area. 

While on your bike, you can maintain a healthy six-foot distance. Cycle at your own pace and control the distance you keep from others. 

Not only is this a healthy form of exercise, but the speed you pedal to will give you that much-needed thrill. During these unprecedented times, a thrill at the moment can go a long way in boosting your mood. Cycle until your body has settled down.


Here’s another outdoor sport! Seek golf resorts in the mountains and score a hole in one freely—Par your way without the worry of putting others or yourself in danger.

What’s better than golfing in the mountains? The mountains are great scenery to free your mind. Inhale the fresh air and admire the beauty mother nature has to offer. 

Also, you get to swing in peace! Deliver your golf ball at fantastic heights. You can play with friends or simply better you golfing skills. No matter the group size, this is a great activity and setting to remain a healthy distance from others.


Here’s an activity that can be done bother inside or outside. Dancing is a great activity to embrace your body and practice controlling your self movements. Listen to all your favorite songs and express yourself through movement.

Don’t know how to dance? Here’s a game called Just Dance that collects all the greatest songs and teaches you a dance routine. Get competitive with this game by performing every move as close to perfect. Not only will you be getting a great workout, but you will also be learning new dance moves to all your favorite songs. 

With all these activities, maintaining a safe distance is easy. But, it is up to you to decide if a face covering is necessary to put on. During these unprecedented times, it is important to keep yourself safe, others safe, and remain healthy. Take this opportunity to have fun outdoors!