Should You Use Men or Women’s Shampoo?

As children, we barely pay attention to what toothpaste we are using, or what shampoo we are putting on our hair. Unless your parents were very particular, you probably used the same thing they were using. This then begs the question now that we are older: should you use the hair care products of the opposite sex?

Is There a Difference?

If you go to the grocery store, you will immediately notice the difference between the men’s and women’s cosmetic products. You will probably see a gray or dark bottle in the men’s section, and a pink or light-colored one in the women’s section. Perhaps you will also spot the sporty, fit male models advertising the latest anti-sweat shampoo, or a beautiful woman with long hair modeling for women’s shampoo. Shampoo companies definitely want you to think that there are some differences, but is there really?

If we look at the contents of both men and women’s shampoo, they’re essentially made of the same ingredients. Preservatives, lathering agent, conditioning agent, acids, solvent, and perfume- both men and women’s shampoo have this. Why the difference then? Is there even any difference?

Well, yes and no. The difference lies mostly in marketing, as men are more inclined to buy ‘masculine’ products, thus the athletic and macho presentation. Another difference is in the scent. Men’s shampoo tends to have a conventional scent, while women’s shampoo tends to be more adventurous- using ingredients like rare fruits and such. Lastly, most men prefer to buy shampoo-conditioner combinations in the form of 2-in-1s bottles as they prefer the convenience of having to use one product. It is useful for going to the gym or having to travel a lot. These also have weaker concentrations of conditioner as men’s hair is often shorter. Women, on the other hand, are more particular and specific when it comes to their hair care and often prefer buying their hair care products separately, as it guarantees a better concentration well suited for longer hair.

Should You Use the Shampoo of the Opposite Sex?

Many hair care products, be it shampoo, moisturizer, or conditioner, promise wonderful things. Be it recovering losing hair, strengthening it, making it shiny- a whole list of promises. However, like many things, there is no simple answer to this. The best answer still depends on what you need, and everyone’s needs are different.

If you prefer the scent of women’s shampoo, then, by all means, use them. If you are a woman with short hair and is not too picky with her hair care routine, perhaps the convenience of 2-in-1s is for you. If you just want softer hair, then using a dedicated conditioner might help. It ultimately depends on what you need, so adjusting accordingly is necessary.

However, some situations might call for professional help, so if anything seems amiss, it is better to contact your dermatologist. For example, if you’re a man and you’re beginning to see the start of male pattern baldness, it’s best to just look for a professional hair loss remedy than relying on a shampoo.