Exercises You Can Do With Bumper Plates

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Olympic weightlifters, whether in a competition or simply training, use equipment that is identical to bumper plates for CrossFit. Therefore, the typical presses and curls of traditional conditioning and strength workouts are not all that you can achieve with this equipment. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover more about the different types of exercise you can do with bumper plates.

When your bumper plates are fixed to a good barbell, they can be utilized for overhead lifts and can also assist you in working out your legs. Squats and deadlifts are a lot easier to do when using the barbell and plates. These two exercises are useful if you want to tone your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads. When you use weights, your squats can work towards you achieving your goal of strengthening your shoulders and core. 

Additionally, small bumper weights, i.e. 10 and 25 lbs, can be utilized when working out your abs. The other exercises you can do if you remove the bumper from your barbell are Russian twists and rollbacks, which can help in tightening your core. If it’s less run of the mill workouts for your arms you are after, you don’t have to use fancy and expensive gym equipment, as you can use plates for reverse wood chops and reverse triceps extension. These exercises can surely help you become fit and toned when you do them in quick 20-minute bursts. It is recommended that you do these exercises in blocks, circuits, or in high-intensity intervals in order to increase your metabolism and blast fat. Exercises that make use of only one piece of gym kit like bumpers are amazing money and time savers for weight loss and strength building. 

Great Tips In Finding Bumper Plates Today

If you’re looking for bumper plates for sale, you will find numerous stores selling inexpensive brands. You may think that choosing second-hand plates is good advice since you can get them at a lower and more affordable cost. But if you will take a close look at your options, it is far better to choose brand new. Here are some tips that can help you in finding bumper plates today.

If you want to use bumper plates for exercising, it is best that you know what kind of weights you are currently lifting, and what you hope to lift in the future. Another thing that you should also check is knowing the right kind of barbell that can accommodate your weight-lifting goals. There are different kinds of bumper plates that you can choose from: rubber and old school steel bumper plates. If it’s for home use or for your garage gym, it is best that you get the steel one as they’re more affordable and can be found in huge swathes on the Internet. 

If you’re interested in trying specific workouts such as the CrossFit, then you should try the rubber bumper plates. In CrossFit, you will be dropping the barbell from head height so it’s best that you get rubber plates. They’re a lot quieter, safer and causes less damage when dropped to the floor. If you are thinking of investing in such products, make sure that you read reviews of the gym equipment bumpers and set before you buy. There is nothing worse than having the bar bounce right back up into your shins.