10 Original Ideas to Bring Back Your Relationship Spark

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We all know that every relationship needs work. We also, probably, have all heard the tired and cliched tropes of how to bring back that spark that every relationship needs. But countless date nights and romantic meals cuddled up on the sofa only go so far. Sometimes we need to think outside the box to ensure that our relationship stays fresh and grows. Here are some handy tips to ensure your relationship’s flame keeps flickering for years to come. 

A New Look

A makeover can have many benefits, including boosting your self-esteem and confidence. It can also have a significant impact on your relationship. Confidence and happiness can be a significant attraction factor, so your self-care boost might also help your relationship. A makeover doesn’t have to mean blowing your salary on a whole new wardrobe. Simple changes can have a considerable effect. Have you always had a beard? Why not try a shave (if it doesn’t suit, it will always grow back). Remember, a splash of electric pre shave will take care of that skin and allow for a smoother finish. Another easy makeover is simply changing your makeup brands. Small shifts in tone and color could allow you to be seen in a whole new light.


A staycation might not sound as exciting as a romantic getaway to a tropical island, but it can have just the same impact if executed well. Exploring areas close to where you live might give you a whole new appreciation for why you decided to live there in the first place. Discovering new hidden gems might give you new ideas for dates. Perhaps you can find a walk you’ve never taken before with some breathtaking scenery. If you live in a city, try and find a bar or restaurant you’ve never visited before. Learning what your partner likes and dislikes and why it is all part of fostering a relationship where you can become the person who genuinely knows them best and can always pick the perfect present for just the right occasion. 

Take A Class Together 

Learning something new can always be exciting. Whether you’ve always wanted to try out a pottery wheel or get your tongue around a new language, taking a class together could have huge relationship benefits. Firstly, it is a dedicated time every week with your partner. With the hectic pace, many of our lives can take, it can be a struggle to find time for your relationship. Having a class that you both attend, whether in person or online, can help you commit to that time with each other. It is also great to see you and your partner flourish as you learn a new skill for the first time. Find a subject you are both motivated to learn. Otherwise, the balance will be off and might end up feeling more like a chore than a date. 

Love Letters

You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde to pen a special love letter. No matter your writing skill, spending time concentrating on why you fell in love with someone and communicating can do wonders for a relationship. It reminds you how much you might care for them, and it shows how committed you are to take the time to tell them romantically. You can have fun with it too. Hide them around the house so that your partner can discover them at a later date. This is also ideal if you work a lot away from home. Discovering a love letter reminds your partner you’re still thinking about them and can give them that little spark of joy on lonelier days.  

House Hunting 

Okay, of course, house hunting can be stressful, and moving houses can put enormous strain on a relationship. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. House hunting can also be about imagining a future together. Looking at homes in other towns or cities can help you figure out what you both want from a relationship. You don’t even need to be moving straight away. Go and see what’s out there. Do you want a big garden suitable for some children? Do you want a social space perfect for parties? House hunting can let you dream about that future and figure out how you both want your relationship to grow. 

Treat Jars 

We all need a little pick me up now and again. A treat jar is a perfect little booster for those tricky weeks where the relationship might become strained because of a looming work deadline or a house renovation that isn’t going to plan. Write down the things that make you happy. It can be simple, like a bar of chocolate, or elaborate like a full body massage. Mix it up and be creative. Fold each suggestion up and slip them into a jar. When you feel down, your partner then has to pluck one of those little treats out and fulfill them for you. It is a fantastic way of quietly empathizing with each other without having to say a word. 

A Memory Scrapbook 

Whatever stage your relationship is at, you will have had some happy times together. It’s great to reminisce and recall all those incredible adventures. Creating a scrapbook together can allow you to relive some of your highlights. You might even be surprised at what memories your partner treasures. Scrapbooks are an excellent way of building upon the strong foundations you created within your relationship. It can also help you recall things you used to enjoy together that you can rekindle. It might even be nice to recreate the memories by revisiting significant locations to take “then and now” pictures. 

Share A Childhood Adventure

Still on the topic of reminiscing, sharing a childhood adventure can be brilliantly romantic. The chances are you and your partner didn’t know each other as children, so there will be countless stories from their childhood that you won’t know. Ask them to take you on a guided tour, pointing out the simple things like the park they used to play at or the place where they had their first kiss. This might not sound like a shared experience, but taking the time to learn more about your partner’s upbringing might give you great insight into what shaped the personality traits that made you fall in love. 

Have A Honeymoon

Maybe you got married years ago. Maybe you never want to get married. The travel companies, hotels, and visitor attractions do not know this. Tell them a little white lie and get pampered for a bit. Celebrate your relationship together, whatever stage of your relationship. You can go as far as you want with this too. You could have real fun together imagining what dramas occurred at your ‘wedding.’ What did your mother’s where? Which of your friends got drunk and started a scene. You could create a fun game together, seeing who manages to blag the best upgrade.  

Undertake A Joint Project 

This one is risky. Carefully consider the type of couple you are before jumping straight in. If you are super competitive, deciding to run a marathon together might not be a great idea. But if you are great at cheering each other on and supporting each other’s achievements, a goal like a marathon that you are both aiming towards can give your relationship a great focal point. The project can be as big or as small as you want. It can be exercise-related, or it could be artistic. Maybe you could work together to create a new feature for your garden or to redesign your home. Projects can allow you to draw on each other’s strengths and show you why you work so well as a team.