Men! Six Fashion Tips You Need For Work

Listen, if your workplace has a strict dress code, then you’ve come to right place! Of course, there are some offices and businesses out there that don’t worry about what you wear for work, only about what you bring to the table. However, some industries require you to be sartorially professional while you’re on their time.

Most of the dress codes out there for work are common sense, especially if you are seeing clients face to face. However, it’s important that you are dressing correctly to make sure that you are not the fashion faux-pas in the office! In this article, we’ve got six tips you need to make sure that it’s not you that’ll be wearing the fashion fail hat this year.

Man Wearing Blue Suit
Image Source: Pexels

Match your belt and your shoes. Leather or metal buckles, no matter what the material is, you need to make sure that you match. If you’re wearing a mens gold rope chain, go for gold with the rest of your metals, too. If you’re shopping for suits, put the two together in the store and see how they look. You need to consider that your color choice for leather also needs to be considered. Brown belt and brown shoes, and throw in a matching watch strap too, for fun!

Learn how to knot your tie. If you plan to wear ties with your suits, you need to learn how to knot them correctly if you want to be taken seriously. This isn’t high school; a fat knot has no place in the office! Search for YouTube videos on how to do the Windsor knot and you will be in place in the office. Any knot will work, but once you know how to tie a proper knot, you can be confident that your suit looks good.

Tinker, tailor. For a truly sharp office look, go to a tailor and have a professional suit fitting completed. Not only will you feel great, you will be able to guarantee that your suit looks professional on you. It won’t feel too big or baggy in the legs, and you can ensure that it’s worth your money. This is an investment in your confidence as much as it is in how you come across in the workplace.

Look at dress shirts over regular shirts. Dress shirts have no pockets and have around eight buttons. Anything else is not a dress shirt, and it’s these that you need for fashion success.

Don’t leave your top button open. If you are wearing a jacket with two or more buttons, unfasten the bottom button for your look to work. You should always open your jacket when you sit down, too, rebuttoning it when you stand.

Socks really do matter. You may think that no one can see them under your trousers and this is largely true. However, when you sit down, your suit legs roll up and bam – sock city. White socks have no place under a suit. Stick to grey or black for a sharp look that will match your suit completely. Get ahead in the business world with these six fashion rules!