4 More Essentials For A Geeky Man Cave

The geeky cave is an elevated version of the dull man cave. Besides, it is also a place to relax, away from everyday worries and responsibilities. More often than not, your geeky cave is a bridge to your more creative and happy side. Perhaps, what makes geeky caves appealing is the fact they are immersive and filled with joyful memorabilia from all ages!

In a previous article, we briefly listed 4 of the essentials for your geeky man cave, including comics, collectibles, arcade machines, and timeless movie memorabilia– anybody said Force FX Lightsabers? Of course, these are only examples, but we feel the geeky cave needs more essentials. Here are 4 more essentials to get you started. 

Unsplash – CC0 License 

#1. Role-playing games

Can you name a geek whose heart doesn’t flutter at the thought of playing a round of Dungeons & Dragons? D&D is, for many gamers, the introduction to gaming sagas and sophisticated strategies. Most geeks have a cherished edition of the game, along with the iconic polyhedral dice on the shelf, making it an unmissable element of the geeky man cave. Table top RPGs also make gaming more accessible to enthusiasts who want to share their passion with non-gamers. 

#2. Miniature painting set

RPGs also serve as a fantastic introduction to miniature painting, especially if you’ve found your way into the Warhammer Community that encourages players to create their own set. You’ll find all essential painting kits for the Citadel systems that can teach you how to paint your models and create realistic effects. Your geeky cave isn’t complete without a ghost army model drying on a shelf. Drills, miniature cutters, and saw kits are also a neat addition to keep your miniature clean and smooth as you start the painting job. 

Unsplash – CC0 License 

#3. A Pac Man shelf

Keep your inner geek excited with a unique piece of furniture. You can order a custom made “Puckman” shelf – aka Pac Man – for the wall from Italian designer, Mirko Ginepro. The bold, yellow face brings you immediately at the heart of retro games. Positive vibes guaranteed! If you’re short of space, you may prefer to focus on smaller items, such as a Nintendo-inspired coffee table that looks just like a vintage remote controller or a Rubik’s chest of drawers storage box. If you’re feeling crafty, you can simply draw a simple Tetris game on your most boring Ikea shelf for an updated look at a fraction of the price.  

#4. A geeky drink bar

The typical man cave contains a mini-fridge filled with beer, or at least, that’s what the clichéd story tells. You can put a spin on the boring beer cliché with a tasteful and grown-up geek drink. What’s the perfect drink for your geek man cave? The choice is entirely yours! If you’re a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you may love the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster which, the creator, introduces by saying it contains the most dangerous Earth ingredients. It beats beer every day – as long as you limit yourself to one cocktail only! 

Hopefully, this list of new ideas can give you a lot to think about when it comes to designing the perfect geeky man cave. Embrace your geekiness, but don’t be afraid to mix grown-up elements and artsy take on childhood’s favorites. Your geeky cave is a direct line to your mind, so make it diverse, exciting, and eclectic!