Fit Faith: How to Keep Yourself Spiritually Healthy During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic’s effects ripple beyond physical disease. The panic and lock downs it has caused took a huge toll on everyone’s mental and spiritual health. America continues to lead the world in terms of case counts. Its administration also falling behind when it comes to pandemic response. Such news can truly shake one’s faith.

However, it’s in these trying times that you need to keep your spiritual health strong. After all, personal health and resilience are rooted in a sense of purpose that faith provides.

You’ve Got Time. Study Your Faith.

Whether you got your job hours lessened or working from home during this pandemic, you’ve got more free time because you don’t have to get stuck in traffic every day. Take this as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your faith. Look for scriptures that empower you through tough times. Read them out loud and memorize them. Internalize each word and relate them with your current situation. This practice will help you see this situation in a much more hopeful lens.

Connect with Your Community-from a Distance

The ongoing pandemic shouldn’t stop you from connecting with your religious community. No, you don’t have to risk your own health by attending a physical church service. The virus can easily spread through contact with other people, especially if you aren’t wearing a mask.

There are other safer and more convenient ways to congregate. Try listening to religious podcasts or watching videos about faith. There are plenty of them for different religions on your favorite podcast app or worldwide Christian news site. If your church has regular prayer meetings through Zoom, join them! It’s this sense of connectedness with others that not only makes you feel less alone, but also reminds you that you’re part of something much bigger than yourself.

Be a Servant in This Time of Need

If there’s anything that a lot of major religions agree on, it’s to be kind to each other. As Jesus himself said: Love thy neighbor as thyself. There’s no better time to be a Good Samaritan than during this pandemic. There are many ways to help out.

This pandemic truly tests the faith of people in various religions. Whichever faith you choose to follow, it’s important to never lose sight of it and what it represents. Continue to grow your sense of purpose and community through your religion and you’ll make it out of this lockdown more faithful than ever.