The Man’s Guide To Getting Into Theater

Source – CC0 Licence

Do you really have an interest in the theater? It’s not something that many guys bother to have on their radar. After all, if you grew up with a dad that liked to go fishing and you went to college with a bunch of jocks, this idea of going to the theater can seem like an alien concept. But if you have recently met someone who loves their butt falling asleep for a few hours, or you are looking to improve your cultural knowledge somewhat, getting into the theater may seem like a very strange thing but it could open you up to a whole new world! Let’s break it down for you.

Find Something You “May” Like

There are plenty of audio drama podcasts out there are but there’s also been plenty of books that have been adapted into stage plays. It’s not just shakespeare! Even if you can’t get your head around a book adaptation, there loads of musicals out there that are pretty fantastic! We’re not talking about West Side Story or South Pacific here (yawn!) but The Book Of Mormon created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone or the Monty Python musical, Spamalot. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more strait-laced that with a little bit of edge, Hamilton is one of those musicals that everybody seems to be talking about that isn’t a musical in the typical sense. It is top to toe with rap!

Check Out YouTube

Right now the National Theatre in the UK are showing various productions that you can view for a week. The recent production of Coriolanus screened on YouTube starred Tom Hiddleston, otherwise known as Loki from the Marvel movies. And this is one of the best ways to get into something like theater. If you are really trying but you can’t get your head around it, sometimes all it takes is a big Hollywood name to switch you onto it. 

Try It For Yourself

Right now it’s not possible and there’s a lot of concern with regards to the future of theater but if you are trying to increase your cultural knowledge and theater is the way to go, why don’t you go to an amateur dramatic society. It gives you an appreciation of it from the other side. Some people go to plays and are bored to tears! And theater isn’t supposed to be one of those stuffy pastimes that only people with loads of money can access, it is supposed to be something for everyone. And that’s the way Shakespeare viewed it. And if you really are looking to get into theater for a specific reason much like music or literature, all it takes is the right entry point. You may not like experimental theater or you may not care at all about Shakespeare but you may find something on your level.

If you feel that your cultural diversity is lacking somewhat, the theater is one of those things that can make you feel you are appreciating a piece of fine art. And if you feel you need to keep it a secret from your friends or Monday night football isn’t cutting it for you anymore at least you’ve got something that’s for you when you are alone.