Garden Jobs To Do During Quarantine


Quarantine for many of us has offered the opportunity to get off jobs done around the house. As well as inside the house though, now is a great time to head outside and start working on your garden. There are many outdoor projects you can do during quarantine; and while it’s nice and hot outside you should make the most of the chance to get your hands a bit dirty. 

Here are some of the fun garden projects you can do while stuck at home this month. 

Dig a pond 

If your garden feels a little bit plain and you are looking for a fun focal point to add, a pond is a wonderful idea. Digging a pond is the perfect chance to bring wildlife into your garden as well as have some fun with big plants such as lilies that you otherwise wouldn’t have in your outdoor space. Be sure to grab some mens waterproof shoes to do the job because it will be messy! 

Build a bird feeding station 

Birds are a wonderful part of our outdoor spaces, and if you love animals, building a bird feeding station in your back garden is an amazing idea. To create a bird feeding station you will need a wooden post that can support a few bird feeders, as well as a shelf. On your wooden post, add a square shelf where birds can sit and eat seeds and bread and other treats. From the top of the post, hang a few bird feeders with peanuts and fat balls. To finish your bird feeding station, place a bird bath close by to allow passing birds to grab a drink and wash themselves. 

Create a raised herb garden 

Herbs are a great way to add flavour to any dish, and they can be good for your garden too. Herbs are colourful and fragrant and will add a whole new level of sensory stimulation to your outdoor space. To create a raised herb garden you will need to mark out a flowerbed, and then grab some wooden log border. Border off your herb garden and then fill it to the top with compost. Plant all of your favourite herbs, and optionally label them so that you know what to use when cooking your favourite meals. This is not only a fun garden feature but is also practical. 

Create a colourful display 

The best thing about a garden is the flowers and the amazing colours you are able to enjoy. If your garden is a bit lacklustre, now is the ideal time to brighten it up with bedding plants. June is the perfect time to create a colourful flower display with bright reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. From marigolds to pansies and busy Lizzie’s, you’ll be able to create a stunning display of flowers to enjoy all summer long. You can either create a random display of mixed colours, or get artistic and create a design using the colours in a specific order. Have fun here!